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2005-09-08 * tvtime/src/tvtimeosd.h: Extend the hold message API to allow forvektor4-19/+39
an additional message line. Fix bugs where we weren't showing the hold message when we should have. * tvtime/src/tvtimeosd.c: Implementation. * tvtime/src/commands.c: Just pass 0 for the second string everywhere. * tvtime/src/tvtime.c: When the capture card cannot be opened, include the errno string in the UI.
2005-09-08 * tvtime/configure.ac: Fix some warnings with gcc-4.0, update versionvektor1-12/+5
to 1.0 (a bit early since I have some more changes, but whatever).
2005-09-07 * debian/copyright: Update information so we don't mentionsfllaw1-31/+21
obsolete (non-free) code. Debian bug 295914.
2005-09-07 * bands.h: Fix frequencies for Australia. Debian bug 308407.sfllaw1-2/+2
2005-09-07 * default.tvtime.xml: Fixed typo.sfllaw1-1/+1
2005-09-07 * tvtime.c (main): Drop root privileges as early as possible.sfllaw1-1/+16
Only re-enable them to get access to the real-time scheduler. Debian bug 301733.
2005-09-07 * stationlist.xml.5: Fixed typo. Debian bug 323541.sfllaw1-1/+1
2005-09-07 * tvtime.xml.5: Fixed typo in manpage. Reported as Debian bug 323542.sfllaw1-1/+1
2005-08-28 * tvtime/src/commands.c: Update the Channel config file parameter asvektor2-0/+7
the channel changes, rather than once on shutdown. Feature requested by Andrew Oikle. * tvtime/ChangeLog: Note this in the ChangeLog.
2005-08-28 * tvtime/po/cs.po: Updated translation from Lukas Slansky.vektor3-49/+48
* tvtime/po/hu.po: Updated translation from Gere Károly. * tvtime/po/LINGUAS: Add hu since it works now.
2005-08-15 * tvtime/po/de.po: Translation update.inguin1-5/+4
2005-08-14 * tvtime/po/LINGUAS: Update.vektor8-1653/+1728
* tvtime/po/cs.po: Update. * tvtime/po/de.po: Update. * tvtime/po/es.po: Update. * tvtime/po/fi.po: Update. * tvtime/po/pt.po: Update. * tvtime/po/sv.po: Update. * tvtime/po/tvtime.pot: Update.
2005-08-14 * tvtime/po/pl.po: Add a Polish translation by Kamil 'Ci' Grzebien.vektor3-1/+1286
* tvtime/po/LINGUAS: Update LINGUAS. * tvtime/AUTHORS: Add Kamil 'Ci' Grzebien.
2005-08-14 * tvtime/po/hu.po: Hungarian translation by Gere Károly.vektor2-0/+1331
* tvtime/AUTHORS: Add Gere Károly.
2005-08-14 * tvtime/src/tvtimeconf.c: Add a new config option for square pixel mode.vektor11-5/+54
Default to square pixels. * tvtime/src/tvtimeconf.h: Accessor. * tvtime/src/tvtime.c: Pass to the backend. * tvtime/src/outputapi.h: Add a square pixel parameter to the init function. * tvtime/src/xcommon.c: Add a mode for forcing square pixels. * tvtime/src/xcommon.h: API. * tvtime/src/xvoutput.c: Use the xcommon implementation. * tvtime/docs/html/default.tvtime.xml: Document the new SquarePixels option. * tvtime/docs/man/en/tvtime.xml.5: Document it here too. * tvtime/NEWS: This is a newsworthy change. * tvtime/ChangeLog: Note it here too.
2005-08-14 * tvtime/src/commands.c:vektor9-14/+46
* tvtime/src/station.c: * tvtime/src/tvtimeconf.c: * tvtime/src/bands.h: Add a South Africa band. Patch by Jan Gutter. * tvtime/docs/man/en/stationlist.xml.5: Documentation. * tvtime/docs/man/de/stationlist.xml.5: Documentation. * tvtime/docs/html/usage.html: Add southafrica to the list. * tvtime/AUTHORS: Add Jan Gutter. * tvtime/ChangeLog: Note this in the ChangeLog.
2005-08-14 * tvtime/src/tvtime.c: Add a matte mode for 16:10 monitors, do some weirdnessvektor3-16/+47
to crop nicer for 16:10 users. Patch by rj200. * tvtime/AUTHORS: Add rj200 to the AUTHORS list. * tvtime/ChangeLog: Note this in the ChangeLog.
2005-08-14 * tvtime/plugins/greedyh.asm: Fix for gcc4 stupidity. Patch from Than Ngo.vektor4-0/+8
* tvtime/plugins/tomsmocomp/SearchLoopBottom.inc: Fix for gcc4 stupidity. * tvtime/AUTHORS: Add another thanks to Than Ngo. * ChangeLog: Start up the changelog for 1.0.
2005-06-15* debian/copyright: Remove the obsolete copyright notice about 420to422sfllaw1-32/+0
and 422to444 filters. (Closes: Bug#295914)
2005-05-16- add second_field and delaysfield (parameters used in xine)miguelfreitas12-11/+37
- some small suggestions in tvtime.c, but commented out.
2005-04-20 * tvtime/AUTHORS: Some updates I had around.vektor4-4/+11
* tvtime/ChangeLog: Let's do a release. * tvtime/INSTALL: Copyright fix. * tvtime/NEWS: Announce the suckah.
2005-04-13 * tvtime/src/tvtimeconf.c: Add "--nowidescreen" option.inguin15-1244/+1332
* po/cs.po: Called "update-po", added translation for new string. * po/de.po: Ibid. * po/es.po: Ibid. * po/fi.po: Ibid. * po/pt.po: Ibid. * po/sv.po: Ibid. * po/tvtime.pot: Called "update-po". * docs/man/de/tvtime.1: Documented new option. * docs/man/de/tvtime-configure.1: Ibid. * docs/man/en/tvtime.1: Ibid. * docs/man/en/tvtime-configure.1: Ibid. * docs/man/es/tvtime.1: Ibid. * docs/man/es/tvtime-configure.1: Ibid.
2005-04-12 * tvtime/po/de.po: Removed translations for RTC warning messages.inguin1-170/+128
2005-03-31 * tvtime/docs/man/de/tvtime.xml.5: Document "ShowTaglines" option.inguin1-0/+8
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/speedy.h: Remove unused code.vektor2-313/+2
* tvtime/src/speedy.c: Remove unused code.
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/timingtest.c: Remove unused code.vektor1-235/+0
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/expandpng.c: Remove unused code.vektor1-60/+0
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/tvtimeosd.c: Remove the code for the "backdrop", which wasvektor3-184/+0
something we added but never used. * tvtime/src/osdtools.h: No more need for osd_graphic_t. * tvtime/src/osdtools.c: Ditch the osd_graphic implementation.
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/bands.h: Added a documentation suggestion from Marijn vanvektor1-1/+1
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/tvtimeosd.c: Cleanup.vektor1-3/+0
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/utils.c: SET_NORM takes an argument. Thanks to Tobiasvektor1-1/+2
Gruetzmacher for catching this.
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/videoinput.c: Don't set the volume if it is disabled.vektor1-2/+2
Thanks to Martijn Lina for this suggestion.
2005-03-30 * tvtime/Makefile.am: Ship COPYING.LGPL since I guess we now use thatvektor2-2/+2
in some cases. * tvtime/AUTHORS: Say LGPL appropriately.
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/deinterlace.c: String cleanup.vektor1-2/+2
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/tvtime.c: Stop complaining about /dev/rtc. It just confusesvektor2-21/+8
users and isn't really a problem if you're running a 2.6 kernel. Add RTC information to the debug output so we can find out if necessary. * tvtime/ChangeLog: Note this in the ChangeLog.
2005-03-30 * tvtime/docs/html/default.tvtime.xml: Document the new config filevektor3-0/+12
option for shutting off the stupid taglines. * tvtime/docs/man/en/tvtime.xml.5: Document it in the man page too. * tvtime/ChangeLog: Note this change in the ChangeLog.
2005-03-30 * tvtime/src/tvtimeconf.c: Add a new config file option ShowTaglinesvektor3-6/+27
to disable showing the taglines in the window title bar. * tvtime/src/tvtimeconf.h: Accessor for the config option. * tvtime/src/tvtime.c: Don't show the taglines if the user hates us.
2005-02-2020 Feb 2005 Ingo van Lil <inguin@gmx.de>inguin1-0/+3
* tvtime/docs/man/es/.cvsignore: Ignore file for recently added directory.
2005-02-20 * tvtime/src/speedy.c: Remove an old comment about some removed code.vektor1-32/+0
2005-02-13 * tvtime/src/copyfunctions.c: Make copyfunctions.c compile on x86 :)vektor1-2/+5
2005-02-13 * tvtime/src/copyfunctions.h: Be 80-columns correct.vektor2-1/+7
* tvtime/src/copyfunctions.c: Include config.h as appropriate.
2005-02-13 * tvtime/plugins/greedy.c: Add a function explaining why greedy.c flipsvektor1-0/+8
the copy and interpolate methods.
2005-02-1313 Feb 2005 Ingo van Lil <inguin@gmx.de>inguin1-3/+3
* tvtime/po/es.po: Two simple fixes.
2005-02-08 * tvtime/plugins/*.c: Relicense deinterlacer code under the LGPL.vektor12-107/+596
* tvtime/COPYING.LGPL: Add a copy of the LGPL. * tvtime/ChangeLog: Note this in the ChangeLog.
2005-02-08 * tvtime/src/speedy.h: Remove functions now implemented in copyfunctions.vektor13-314/+17
* tvtime/src/speedy.c: Remove functions now implemented in copyfunctions. * tvtime/src/Makefile.am: Build copyfunctions. * tvtime/src/tvtime.c: Use copyfunctions. * tvtime/plugins/*.c: Use copyfunctions and not speedy.
2005-02-08 * tvtime/src/copyfunctions.h: Add a more liberally licensed set ofvektor2-0/+403
routines for copying data quickly. * tvtime/src/copyfunctions.c: Use this new file.
2005-02-08 * tvtime/plugins/vfir.c: Clean up commented out code.vektor1-15/+0
2005-02-08 * tvtime/src/deinterlace.h: Remove unused settings code.vektor11-72/+0
* tvtime/plugins/*.c: Remove settings stuff from all of the plugins.
2005-02-08 * plugins/double.c: Remove unused deinterlacers.vektor6-1016/+0
* plugins/gamedither.c: Remove unused deinterlacers. * plugins/greedy2frame.c: Remove unused deinterlacers. * plugins/simplemo.c: Remove unused deinterlacers. * plugins/twoframe.c: Remove unused deinterlacers. * plugins/videobob.c: Remove unused deinterlacers.
2005-02-08 * tvtime/src/deinterlace.h: Remove the useless API version part of thevektor11-14/+1
deinterlacer plugin API. * tvtime/plugins/*.c: Don't set a version.

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