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authorRussell King <rmk@dyn-67.arm.linux.org.uk>2008-02-09 22:47:23 +0000
committerRussell King <rmk+kernel@arm.linux.org.uk>2008-02-09 22:47:23 +0000
commitf9166e736e516a4b1de16577b5428afd0cffe325 (patch)
tree6bfd4f223971a133fbf1c87020fe31cc1f6c52de /init
parent2ffd6e182c4b9ae7bebc385c021e7d083bab406a (diff)
parente27a93a944a5ba6a0112750c8243abba86d56e94 (diff)
parentee44391eae5d1fabd6eacf89b3bb2e3fbc315e7d (diff)
Merge branches 'master', 'omap1-upstream' and 'orion' into devel
* master: [ARM] constify function pointer tables [ARM] 4823/1: AT91 section fix [ARM] 4824/1: pxa: clear RDH bit after any reset [ARM] pxa: remove debugging PM: printk * omap1-upstream: ARM: OMAP1: Misc clean-up ARM: OMAP1: Update defconfigs for omap1 ARM: OMAP1: Palm Tungsten E board clean-up ARM: OMAP1: Use I2C bus registration helper for omap1 ARM: OMAP1: Remove omap_sram_idle() ARM: OMAP1: PM fixes for OMAP1 ARM: OMAP1: Use MMC multislot structures for Siemens SX1 board ARM: OMAP1: Make omap1 use MMC multislot structures ARM: OMAP1: Change the comments to C style ARM: OMAP1: Make omap1 boards to use omap_nand_platform_data ARM: OMAP: Add helper module for board specific I2C bus registration ARM: OMAP: Add dmtimer support for OMAP3 ARM: OMAP: Pre-3430 clean-up for dmtimer.c ARM: OMAP: Add DMA support for chaining and 3430 ARM: OMAP: Add 24xx GPIO debounce support ARM: OMAP: Get rid of unnecessary ifdefs in GPIO code ARM: OMAP: Add 3430 gpio support ARM: OMAP: Add 3430 CPU identification macros ARM: OMAP: Request DSP memory for McBSP * orion: [ARM] Orion: Use the sata_mv driver for the TS-209 SATA [ARM] Orion: Use the sata_mv driver for the Kurobox SATA [ARM] Orion: free up kernel virtual address space [ARM] Orion: distinguish between physical and virtual addresses [ARM] Orion: kill orion_early_putstr() [ARM] Orion: update defconfig [ARM] Orion: Use the sata_mv driver for the integrated SATA controller

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