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@@ -8,10 +8,13 @@ Introduction
The Samsung S3C24XX range of ARM9 System-on-Chip CPUs are supported
by the 's3c2410' architecture of ARM Linux. Currently the S3C2410,
- S3C2412, S3C2413, S3C2416 S3C2440, S3C2442, S3C2443 and S3C2450 devices
+ S3C2412, S3C2413, S3C2416, S3C2440, S3C2442, S3C2443 and S3C2450 devices
are supported.
- Support for the S3C2400 and S3C24A0 series are in progress.
+ Support for the S3C2400 and S3C24A0 series was never completed and the
+ corresponding code has been removed after a while. If someone wishes to
+ revive this effort, partial support can be retrieved from earlier Linux
+ versions.
The S3C2416 and S3C2450 devices are very similar and S3C2450 support is
included under the arch/arm/mach-s3c2416 directory. Note, whilst core

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