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authorBjorn Helgaas <bjorn.helgaas@hp.com>2010-03-11 12:20:11 -0700
committerLen Brown <len.brown@intel.com>2010-04-04 00:29:53 -0400
commit57283776b2b821ba4d592f61cad04d0293412740 (patch)
treeba4f2df20e9433767d2dd818c8e540c7a6741961 /arch
parent6ad95513d60096b569e4e4bd721420f03b57e4d4 (diff)
ACPI: pci_root: pass acpi_pci_root to arch-specific scan
The acpi_pci_root structure contains all the individual items (acpi_device, domain, bus number) we pass to pci_acpi_scan_root(), so just pass the single acpi_pci_root pointer directly. This will make it easier to add _CBA support later. For _CBA, we need the entire downstream bus range, not just the base bus number. We have that in the acpi_pci_root structure, so passing the pointer makes it available to the arch-specific code. Signed-off-by: Bjorn Helgaas <bjorn.helgaas@hp.com> Reviewed-by: Kenji Kaneshige <kaneshige.kenji@jp.fujitsu.com> Signed-off-by: Len Brown <len.brown@intel.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'arch')
2 files changed, 8 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/arch/ia64/pci/pci.c b/arch/ia64/pci/pci.c
index 64aff520b899..aa2533ae7e9e 100644
--- a/arch/ia64/pci/pci.c
+++ b/arch/ia64/pci/pci.c
@@ -335,8 +335,11 @@ pcibios_setup_root_windows(struct pci_bus *bus, struct pci_controller *ctrl)
struct pci_bus * __devinit
-pci_acpi_scan_root(struct acpi_device *device, int domain, int bus)
+pci_acpi_scan_root(struct acpi_pci_root *root)
+ struct acpi_device *device = root->device;
+ int domain = root->segment;
+ int bus = root->secondary.start;
struct pci_controller *controller;
unsigned int windows = 0;
struct pci_bus *pbus;
diff --git a/arch/x86/pci/acpi.c b/arch/x86/pci/acpi.c
index e31160216efb..0b7882dbe784 100644
--- a/arch/x86/pci/acpi.c
+++ b/arch/x86/pci/acpi.c
@@ -229,8 +229,11 @@ res_alloc_fail:
-struct pci_bus * __devinit pci_acpi_scan_root(struct acpi_device *device, int domain, int busnum)
+struct pci_bus * __devinit pci_acpi_scan_root(struct acpi_pci_root *root)
+ struct acpi_device *device = root->device;
+ int domain = root->segment;
+ int busnum = root->secondary.start;
struct pci_bus *bus;
struct pci_sysdata *sd;
int node;

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