path: root/drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_mbox.h
diff options
authorSumant Patro <sumantp@lsil.com>2007-01-05 07:10:09 -0800
committerJames Bottomley <jejb@mulgrave.il.steeleye.com>2007-01-13 13:54:23 -0600
commitcd96d96f20f2509dfeb302548132e30f471c071a (patch)
treec13cb40f4753059b07e2416af190d9036ec5672d /drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_mbox.h
parent6f3cbf552e0557a463ad421f07b2e873a608406f (diff)
[SCSI] megaraid_{mm,mbox}: init fix for kdump
1. Changes in Initialization to fix kdump failure. Send SYNC command on loading. This command clears the pending commands in the adapter and re-initialize its internal RAID structure. Without this change, megaraid driver either panics or fails to initialize the adapter during kdump's second kernel boot if there are pending commands or interrupts from other devices sharing the same IRQ. 2. Authors email-id domain name changed from lsil.com to lsi.com. Also modified the MODULE_AUTHOR to megaraidlinux@lsi.com Signed-off-by: Sumant Patro <sumant.patro@lsi.com> Signed-off-by: James Bottomley <James.Bottomley@SteelEye.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_mbox.h')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_mbox.h b/drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_mbox.h
index 2b5a3285f799..963e0d2dbd97 100644
--- a/drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_mbox.h
+++ b/drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_mbox.h
@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@
#include "megaraid_ioctl.h"
-#define MEGARAID_EXT_VERSION "(Release Date: Sun Jul 16 12:27:22 EST 2006)"
+#define MEGARAID_EXT_VERSION "(Release Date: Thu Nov 16 15:32:35 EST 2006)"

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