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authorSteven Rostedt <srostedt@redhat.com>2010-01-06 18:49:44 -0500
committerSteven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org>2010-02-02 13:01:01 -0500
commit88f66ea98d7ae6a8b6a34e38b1b4fa51abc1c9ca (patch)
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kconfig: Look in both /bin and /sbin for lsmod in streamline_config.pl
Distributions now have lsmod in /bin instead of /sbin. But to handle both cases, we look for it in /sbin /bin /usr/bin and /usr/sbin. If lsmod is not found in any of those paths, it defaults to use just lsmod and hopes that it lies in the path of the user. Tested-by: Xavier Chantry <shiningxc@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Steven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org>
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