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Merge git://github.com/davem330/net
* git://github.com/davem330/net: (27 commits) xfrm: Perform a replay check after return from async codepaths fib:fix BUG_ON in fib_nl_newrule when add new fib rule ixgbe: fix possible null buffer error tg3: fix VLAN tagging regression net: pxa168: Fix build errors by including interrupt.h netconsole: switch init_netconsole() to late_initcall gianfar: Fix overflow check and return value for gfar_get_cls_all() ppp_generic: fix multilink fragment MTU calculation (again) GRETH: avoid overwrite IP-stack's IP-frags checksum GRETH: RX/TX bytes were never increased ipv6: fix a possible double free b43: Fix beacon problem in ad-hoc mode Bluetooth: add support for 2011 mac mini Bluetooth: Add MacBookAir4,1 support Bluetooth: Fixed BT ST Channel reg order r8169: do not enable the TBI for anything but the original 8169. r8169: remove erroneous processing of always set bit. r8169: fix WOL setting for 8105 and 8111evl r8169: add MODULE_FIRMWARE for the firmware of 8111evl r8169: fix the reset setting for 8111evl ...
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