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authorKitone Elvis Peter <elviskitone@gmail.com>2018-08-06 20:27:59 +0300
committerJacek Anaszewski <jacek.anaszewski@gmail.com>2018-08-06 23:03:12 +0200
commit2224f2ff9670b899983ff1b42d85530e889cfea1 (patch)
treec5dd1cf6811703f5b46fced0c0d4817976ae9d30 /drivers/leds
parent6f7b0bad88397ad5d7901ce63696163ac8b481ce (diff)
leds: ns2: Change unsigned to unsigned int
Use unsigned int, because it's preferred to unsigned. Signed-off-by: Kitone Elvis Peter <elviskitone@gmail.com> Acked-by: Pavel Machek <pavel@ucw.cz> Signed-off-by: Jacek Anaszewski <jacek.anaszewski@gmail.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'drivers/leds')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/leds/leds-ns2.c b/drivers/leds/leds-ns2.c
index 14fe5cd43232..a0a7dc2ef87c 100644
--- a/drivers/leds/leds-ns2.c
+++ b/drivers/leds/leds-ns2.c
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@
struct ns2_led_data {
struct led_classdev cdev;
- unsigned cmd;
- unsigned slow;
+ unsigned int cmd;
+ unsigned int slow;
bool can_sleep;
unsigned char sata; /* True when SATA mode active. */
rwlock_t rw_lock; /* Lock GPIOs. */

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