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@@ -13,6 +13,22 @@ This file documents the driver for the Rockchip ISP1 that is part of RK3288
and RK3399 SoCs. The driver is located under drivers/staging/media/rkisp1
and uses the Media-Controller API.
+There exist multiple smaller revisions to this ISP that got introduced in
+later SoCs. Revisions can be found in the enum :c:type:`rkisp1_cif_isp_version`
+in the UAPI and the revision of the ISP inside the running SoC can be read
+in the field hw_revision of struct media_device_info as returned by
+Versions in use are:
+- RKISP1_V10: used at least in rk3288 and rk3399
+- RKISP1_V11: declared in the original vendor code, but not used
+- RKISP1_V12: used at least in rk3326 and px30
+- RKISP1_V13: used at least in rk1808
.. _rkisp1_topology_graph:

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