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+What: old static regulatory information and ieee80211_regdom module parameter
+When: 2.6.29
+Why: The old regulatory infrastructure has been replaced with a new one
+ which does not require statically defined regulatory domains. We do
+ not want to keep static regulatory domains in the kernel due to the
+ the dynamic nature of regulatory law and localization. We kept around
+ the old static definitions for the regulatory domains of:
+ * US
+ * JP
+ * EU
+ and used by default the US when CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY was
+ set. We also kept around the ieee80211_regdom module parameter in case
+ some applications were relying on it. Changing regulatory domains
+ can now be done instead by using nl80211, as is done with iw.
+Who: Luis R. Rodriguez <lrodriguez@atheros.com>
What: dev->power.power_state
When: July 2007
Why: Broken design for runtime control over driver power states, confusing

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