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@@ -98,6 +98,15 @@ applicable everywhere (see syntax).
times, the limit is set to the largest selection.
Reverse dependencies can only be used with boolean or tristate
+ Note:
+ select is evil.... select will by brute force set a symbol
+ equal to 'y' without visiting the dependencies. So abusing
+ select you are able to select a symbol FOO even if FOO depends
+ on BAR that is not set. In general use select only for
+ non-visible symbols (no promts anywhere) and for symbols with
+ no dependencies. That will limit the usefulness but on the
+ other hand avoid the illegal configurations all over. kconfig
+ should one day warn about such things.
- numerical ranges: "range" <symbol> <symbol> ["if" <expr>]
This allows to limit the range of possible input values for int

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