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+This is a list of things that need to be done to get this driver out of the
+staging directory.
+- Request API conversion. Remove of the dual pipeline and associate buffers
+ as well as formats and the binary used to a request. Remove the
+ opportunistic buffer management. (Sakari)
+- Using ENABLED and IMMUTABLE link flags for the links where those are
+ relevant. (Sakari)
+- Prefix imgu for all public APIs, i.e. change ipu3_v4l2_register() to
+ imgu_v4l2_register(). (Sakari)
+- Use V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_MENU for dual-pipe mode control. (Sakari)
+- IPU3 driver documentation (Laurent)
+ Add diagram in driver rst to describe output capability.
+ Comments on configuring v4l2 subdevs for CIO2 and ImgU.
+- uAPI documentation:
+ Further clarification on some ambiguities such as data type conversion of
+ IEFD CU inputs. (Sakari)
+ Move acronyms to doc-rst file. (Mauro)

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