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-# LIRC driver(s) configuration
-menuconfig LIRC_STAGING
- bool "Linux Infrared Remote Control IR receiver/transmitter drivers"
- depends on LIRC
- help
- Say Y here, and all supported Linux Infrared Remote Control IR and
- RF receiver and transmitter drivers will be displayed. When paired
- with a remote control and the lirc daemon, the receiver drivers
- allow control of your Linux system via remote control.
-config LIRC_ZILOG
- tristate "Zilog/Hauppauge IR Transmitter"
- depends on LIRC && I2C
- help
- Driver for the Zilog/Hauppauge IR Transmitter, found on
- PVR-150/500, HVR-1200/1250/1700/1800, HD-PVR and other cards

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