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-1. Both ir-kbd-i2c and lirc_zilog provide support for RX events for
-the chips supported by lirc_zilog. Before moving lirc_zilog out of staging:
-a. ir-kbd-i2c needs a module parameter added to allow the user to tell
- ir-kbd-i2c to ignore Z8 IR units.
-b. lirc_zilog should provide Rx key presses to the rc core like ir-kbd-i2c
- does.
-2. lirc_zilog module ref-counting need examination. It has not been
-verified that cdev and lirc_dev will take the proper module references on
-lirc_zilog to prevent removal of lirc_zilog when the /dev/lircN device node
-is open.
-(The good news is ref-counting of lirc_zilog internal structures appears to be
-complete. Testing has shown the cx18 module can be unloaded out from under
-irw + lircd + lirc_dev, with the /dev/lirc0 device node open, with no adverse
-effects. The cx18 module could then be reloaded and irw properly began
-receiving button presses again and ir_send worked without error.)
-3. Bridge drivers, if able, should provide a chip reset() callback
-to lirc_zilog via struct IR_i2c_init_data. cx18 and ivtv already have routines
-to perform Z8 chip resets via GPIO manipulations. This would allow lirc_zilog
-to bring the chip back to normal when it hangs, in the same places the
-original lirc_pvr150 driver code does. This is not strictly needed, so it
-is not required to move lirc_zilog out of staging.
-Note: Both lirc_zilog and ir-kbd-i2c support the Zilog Z8 for IR, as programmed
-and installed on Hauppauge products. When working on either module, developers
-must consider at least the following bridge drivers which mention an IR Rx unit
-at address 0x71 (indicative of a Z8):
- ivtv cx18 hdpvr pvrusb2 bt8xx cx88 saa7134

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