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2008-06-02[CRYPTO] cts: Init SG tablesAlexey Dobriyan1-0/+6
Steps to reproduce: modprobe tcrypt # with CONFIG_DEBUG_SG=y testing cts(cbc(aes)) encryption test 1 (128 bit key): ------------[ cut here ]------------ kernel BUG at include/linux/scatterlist.h:65! invalid opcode: 0000 [1] PREEMPT SMP DEBUG_PAGEALLOC CPU 0 Modules linked in: tea xts twofish twofish_common tcrypt(+) [maaaany] Pid: 16151, comm: modprobe Not tainted 2.6.26-rc4-fat #7 RIP: 0010:[<ffffffffa0bf032e>] [<ffffffffa0bf032e>] :cts:cts_cbc_encrypt+0x151/0x355 RSP: 0018:ffff81016f497a88 EFLAGS: 00010286 RAX: ffffe20009535d58 RBX: ffff81016f497af0 RCX: 0000000087654321 RDX: ffff8100010d4f28 RSI: ffff81016f497ee8 RDI: ffff81016f497ac0 RBP: ffff81016f497c38 R08: 0000000000000000 R09: 0000000000000011 R10: ffffffff00000008 R11: ffff8100010d4f28 R12: ffff81016f497ac0 R13: ffff81016f497b30 R14: 0000000000000010 R15: 0000000000000010 FS: 00007fac6fa276f0(0000) GS:ffffffff8060e000(0000) knlGS:0000000000000000 CS: 0010 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 000000008005003b CR2: 00007f12ca7cc000 CR3: 000000016f441000 CR4: 00000000000026e0 DR0: 0000000000000000 DR1: 0000000000000000 DR2: 0000000000000000 DR3: 0000000000000000 DR6: 00000000ffff4ff0 DR7: 0000000000000400 Process modprobe (pid: 16151, threadinfo ffff81016f496000, task ffff8101755b4ae0) Stack: 0000000000000001 ffff81016f496000 ffffffff80719f78 0000000000000001 0000000000000001 ffffffff8020c87c ffff81016f99c918 20646c756f772049 65687420656b696c 0000000000000020 0000000000000000 0000000033341102 Call Trace: [<ffffffff8020c87c>] ? restore_args+0x0/0x30 [<ffffffffa04aa311>] ? :aes_generic:crypto_aes_expand_key+0x311/0x369 [<ffffffff802ab453>] ? check_object+0x15a/0x213 [<ffffffff802aad22>] ? init_object+0x6e/0x76 [<ffffffff802ac3ae>] ? __slab_free+0xfc/0x371 [<ffffffffa0bf05ed>] :cts:crypto_cts_encrypt+0xbb/0xca [<ffffffffa07108de>] ? :crypto_blkcipher:setkey+0xc7/0xec [<ffffffffa07110b8>] :crypto_blkcipher:async_encrypt+0x38/0x3a [<ffffffffa2ce9341>] :tcrypt:test_cipher+0x261/0x7c6 [<ffffffffa2cfd9df>] :tcrypt:tcrypt_mod_init+0x9df/0x1b30 [<ffffffff80261e35>] sys_init_module+0x9e/0x1b2 [<ffffffff8020c15a>] system_call_after_swapgs+0x8a/0x8f Code: 45 c0 e8 aa 24 63 df 48 c1 e8 0c 48 b9 00 00 00 00 00 e2 ff ff 48 8b 55 88 48 6b c0 68 48 01 c8 b9 21 43 65 87 48 39 4d 80 74 04 <0f> 0b eb fe f6 c2 01 74 04 0f 0b eb fe 83 e2 03 4c 89 ef 44 89 RIP [<ffffffffa0bf032e>] :cts:cts_cbc_encrypt+0x151/0x355 RSP <ffff81016f497a88> ---[ end trace e8bahiarjand37fd ]--- Signed-off-by: Alexey Dobriyan <adobriyan@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-05-07[CRYPTO] hmac: Avoid calling virt_to_page on keyHerbert Xu1-2/+23
When HMAC gets a key longer than the block size of the hash, it needs to feed it as input to the hash to reduce it to a fixed length. As it is HMAC converts the key to a scatter and gather list. However, this doesn't work on certain platforms if the key is not allocated via kmalloc. For example, the keys from tcrypt are stored in the rodata section and this causes it to fail with HMAC on x86-64. This patch fixes this by copying the key to memory obtained via kmalloc before hashing it. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-05-01[CRYPTO] cryptd: Correct kzalloc error testJulia Lawall1-1/+3
Normally, kzalloc returns NULL or a valid pointer value, not a value to be tested using IS_ERR. Signed-off-by: Julia Lawall <julia@diku.dk> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-05-01[CRYPTO] eseqiv: Fix off-by-one encryptionHerbert Xu1-1/+2
After attaching the IV to the head during encryption, eseqiv does not increase the encryption length by that amount. As such the last block of the actual plain text will be left unencrypted. Fortunately the only user of this code hifn currently crashes so this shouldn't affect anyone :) Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-05-01[CRYPTO] authenc: Fix async crypto crash in crypto_authenc_genicv()Patrick McHardy1-2/+3
crypto_authenc_givencrypt_done uses req->data as struct aead_givcrypt_request, while it really points to a struct aead_request, causing this crash: BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 6b6b6b6b IP: [<dc87517b>] :authenc:crypto_authenc_genicv+0x23/0x109 *pde = 00000000 Oops: 0000 [#1] PREEMPT DEBUG_PAGEALLOC Modules linked in: hifn_795x authenc esp4 aead xfrm4_mode_tunnel sha1_generic hmac crypto_hash] Pid: 3074, comm: ping Not tainted (2.6.25 #4) EIP: 0060:[<dc87517b>] EFLAGS: 00010296 CPU: 0 EIP is at crypto_authenc_genicv+0x23/0x109 [authenc] EAX: daa04690 EBX: daa046e0 ECX: dab0a100 EDX: daa046b0 ESI: 6b6b6b6b EDI: dc872054 EBP: c033ff60 ESP: c033ff0c DS: 007b ES: 007b FS: 0000 GS: 0033 SS: 0068 Process ping (pid: 3074, ti=c033f000 task=db883a80 task.ti=dab6c000) Stack: 00000000 daa046b0 c0215a3e daa04690 dab0a100 00000000 ffffffff db9fd7f0 dba208c0 dbbb1720 00000001 daa04720 00000001 c033ff54 c0119ca9 dc852a75 c033ff60 c033ff60 daa046e0 00000000 00000001 c033ff6c dc87527b 00000001 Call Trace: [<c0215a3e>] ? dev_alloc_skb+0x14/0x29 [<c0119ca9>] ? printk+0x15/0x17 [<dc87527b>] ? crypto_authenc_givencrypt_done+0x1a/0x27 [authenc] [<dc850cca>] ? hifn_process_ready+0x34a/0x352 [hifn_795x] [<dc8353c7>] ? rhine_napipoll+0x3f2/0x3fd [via_rhine] [<dc851a56>] ? hifn_check_for_completion+0x4d/0xa6 [hifn_795x] [<dc851ab9>] ? hifn_tasklet_callback+0xa/0xc [hifn_795x] [<c011d046>] ? tasklet_action+0x3f/0x66 [<c011d230>] ? __do_softirq+0x38/0x7a [<c0105a5f>] ? do_softirq+0x3e/0x71 [<c011d17c>] ? irq_exit+0x2c/0x65 [<c010e0c0>] ? smp_apic_timer_interrupt+0x5f/0x6a [<c01042e4>] ? apic_timer_interrupt+0x28/0x30 [<dc851640>] ? hifn_handle_req+0x44a/0x50d [hifn_795x] ... Signed-off-by: Patrick McHardy <kaber@trash.net> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] kconfig: Ordering cleanupSebastian Siewior1-316/+329
Ciphers, block modes, name it, are grouped together and sorted. Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] all: Clean up init()/fini()Kamalesh Babulal23-92/+92
On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 03:40:36PM +0100, Bodo Eggert wrote: > Kamalesh Babulal <kamalesh@linux.vnet.ibm.com> wrote: > > > This patch cleanups the crypto code, replaces the init() and fini() > > with the <algorithm name>_init/_fini > > This part ist OK. > > > or init/fini_<algorithm name> (if the > > <algorithm name>_init/_fini exist) > > Having init_foo and foo_init won't be a good thing, will it? I'd start > confusing them. > > What about foo_modinit instead? Thanks for the suggestion, the init() is replaced with <algorithm name>_mod_init () and fini () is replaced with <algorithm name>_mod_fini. Signed-off-by: Kamalesh Babulal <kamalesh@linux.vnet.ibm.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] aes: Export generic setkeySebastian Siewior1-9/+47
The key expansion routine could be get little more generic, become a kernel doc entry and then get exported. Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Tested-by: Stefan Hellermann <stefan@the2masters.de> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] api: Make the crypto subsystem fully modularSebastian Siewior3-2/+6
Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] cts: Add CTS mode required for Kerberos AES supportKevin Coffman5-2/+582
Implement CTS wrapper for CBC mode required for support of AES encryption support for Kerberos (rfc3962). Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <kwc@citi.umich.edu> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] lrw: Replace all adds to big endians variables with be*_add_cpuMarcin Slusarz1-2/+3
replace all: big_endian_variable = cpu_to_beX(beX_to_cpu(big_endian_variable) + expression_in_cpu_byteorder); with: beX_add_cpu(&big_endian_variable, expression_in_cpu_byteorder); Signed-off-by: Marcin Slusarz <marcin.slusarz@gmail.com> Cc: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net> Cc: Roel Kluin <12o3l@tiscali.nl> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Change the XTEA test vectorsSebastian Siewior1-3/+3
The third test vector of ECB-XTEA-ENC fails for me all other are fine. I could not find a RFC or something else where they are defined. The test vector has not been modified since git started recording histrory. The implementation is very close (not to say equal) to what is available as Public Domain (they recommend 64 rounds and the in kernel uses 32). Therefore I belive that there is typo somewhere and tcrypt reported always *fail* instead of *okey*. This patch replaces input + result of the third test vector with result + input from the third decryption vector. The key is the same, the other three test vectors are also the reverse. Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Shrink the tcrypt moduleSebastian Siewior1-5773/+5770
Currently the tcrypt module is about 2 MiB on x86-32. The main reason for the huge size is the data segment which contains all the test vectors for each algorithm. The test vectors are staticly allocated in an array and the size of the array has been drastically increased by the merge of the Salsa20 test vectors. With a hint from Benedigt Spranger I found a way how I could convert those fixed-length arrays to strings which are flexible in size. VIM and regex were also very helpfull :) So, I am talking about a shrinking of ~97% on x86-32: text data bss dec hex filename 18309 2039708 20 2058037 1f6735 tcrypt-b4.ko 45628 23516 80 69224 10e68 tcrypt.ko Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Change the usage of the test vectorsSebastian Siewior1-165/+181
The test routines (test_{cipher,hash,aead}) are makeing a copy of the test template and are processing the encryption process in place. This patch changes the creation of the copy so it will work even if the source address of the input data isn't an array inside of the template but a pointer. Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] api: Constify function pointer tablesJan Engelhardt1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Jan Engelhardt <jengelh@computergmbh.de> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Shrink speed templatesSebastian Siewior2-161/+57
The speed templates as it look always the same. The key size is repeated for each block size and we test always the same block size. The addition of one inner loop makes it possible to get rid of the struct and it is possible to use a tiny u8 array :) Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Group common speed templatesSebastian Siewior2-137/+91
Some crypto ciphers which are impleneted support similar key sizes (16,24 & 32 byte). They can be grouped together and use a common templatte instead of their own which contains the same data. Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] sha512: Rename sha512 to sha512_genericJan Glauber2-12/+13
Rename sha512 to sha512_generic and add a MODULE_ALIAS for sha512 so all sha512 implementations can be loaded automatically. Keep the broken tabs so git recognizes this as a rename. Signed-off-by: Jan Glauber <jang@linux.vnet.ibm.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] api: Switch to proc_create()Alexey Dobriyan1-5/+1
Signed-off-by: Alexey Dobriyan <adobriyan@sw.ru> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-04-17dmaengine: ack to flags: make use of the unused bits in the 'ack' fieldDan Williams3-6/+7
'ack' is currently a simple integer that flags whether or not a client is done touching fields in the given descriptor. It is effectively just a single bit of information. Converting this to a flags parameter allows the other bits to be put to use to control completion actions, like dma-unmap, and capture results, like xor-zero-sum == 0. Changes are one of: 1/ convert all open-coded ->ack manipulations to use async_tx_ack and async_tx_test_ack. 2/ set the ack bit at prep time where possible 3/ make drivers store the flags at prep time 4/ add flags to the device_prep_dma_interrupt prototype Acked-by: Maciej Sosnowski <maciej.sosnowski@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com>
2008-04-17async_tx: fix multiple dependency submissionDan Williams1-35/+162
Shrink struct dma_async_tx_descriptor and introduce async_tx_channel_switch to properly inject a channel switch interrupt in the descriptor stream. This simplifies the locking model as drivers no longer need to handle dma_async_tx_descriptor.lock. Acked-by: Shannon Nelson <shannon.nelson@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com>
2008-04-02[CRYPTO] xcbc: Fix crash when ipsec uses xcbc-mac with big data chunkJoy Latten1-8/+9
The kernel crashes when ipsec passes a udp packet of about 14XX bytes of data to aes-xcbc-mac. It seems the first xxxx bytes of the data are in first sg entry, and remaining xx bytes are in next sg entry. But we don't check next sg entry to see if we need to go look the page up. I noticed in hmac.c, we do a scatterwalk_sg_next(), to do this check and possible lookup, thus xcbc.c needs to use this routine too. A 15-hour run of an ipsec stress test sending streams of tcp and udp packets of various sizes, using this patch and aes-xcbc-mac completed successfully, so hopefully this fixes the problem. Signed-off-by: Joy Latten <latten@austin.ibm.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-03-18async_tx: avoid the async xor_zero_sum path when src_cnt > device->max_xorDan Williams1-1/+1
If the channel cannot perform the operation in one call to ->device_prep_dma_zero_sum, then fallback to the xor+page_is_zero path. This only affects users with arrays larger than 16 devices on iop13xx or 32 devices on iop3xx. Cc: <stable@kernel.org> Cc: Neil Brown <neilb@suse.de> Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com>
2008-03-13async_tx: checkpatch says s/__FUNCTION__/__func__/gDan Williams4-15/+15
Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com>
2008-03-08[CRYPTO] skcipher: Fix section mismatchesHerbert Xu2-5/+1
The previous patch to move chainiv and eseqiv into blkcipher created a section mismatch for the chainiv exit function which was also called from __init. This patch removes the __exit marking on it. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-03-06[CRYPTO] xcbc: Fix crash with IPsecJoy Latten1-1/+5
When using aes-xcbc-mac for authentication in IPsec, the kernel crashes. It seems this algorithm doesn't account for the space IPsec may make in scatterlist for authtag. Thus when crypto_xcbc_digest_update2() gets called, nbytes may be less than sg[i].length. Since nbytes is an unsigned number, it wraps at the end of the loop allowing us to go back into loop and causing crash in memcpy. I used update function in digest.c to model this fix. Please let me know if it looks ok. Signed-off-by: Joy Latten <latten@austin.ibm.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-03-06[CRYPTO] xts: Use proper alignmentSebastian Siewior1-7/+6
The XTS blockmode uses a copy of the IV which is saved on the stack and may or may not be properly aligned. If it is not, it will break hardware cipher like the geode or padlock. This patch encrypts the IV in place so we don't have to worry about alignment. Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Tested-by: Stefan Hellermann <stefan@the2masters.de> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-03-05[CRYPTO] digest: Include internal.h for prototypesAdrian Bunk1-0/+2
Every file should include the headers containing the externs for its global code (in this case for struct crypto_{init,exit}_digest_ops()). Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <bunk@kernel.org> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-02-23[CRYPTO] authenc: Add missing Kconfig dependency on BLKCIPHERHerbert Xu1-0/+1
The authenc algorithm requires BLKCIPHER to be present. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-02-23[CRYPTO] skcipher: Move chainiv/seqiv into crypto_blkcipher moduleHerbert Xu5-21/+39
For compatibility with dm-crypt initramfs setups it is useful to merge chainiv/seqiv into the crypto_blkcipher module. Since they're required by most algorithms anyway this is an acceptable trade-off. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-02-18[CRYPTO] null: Add missing Kconfig dependency on BLKCIPHERAdrian Bunk1-0/+1
This patch fixes the following build error caused by commit 3631c650c495d61b1dabf32eb26b46873636e918: <-- snip --> ... LD .tmp_vmlinux1 crypto/built-in.o: In function `skcipher_null_crypt': crypto_null.c:(.text+0x3d14): undefined reference to `blkcipher_walk_virt' crypto_null.c:(.text+0x3d14): relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_26 against `blkcipher_walk_virt' crypto/built-in.o: In function `$L32': crypto_null.c:(.text+0x3d54): undefined reference to `blkcipher_walk_done' crypto_null.c:(.text+0x3d54): relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_26 against `blkcipher_walk_done' crypto/built-in.o:(.data+0x2e8): undefined reference to `crypto_blkcipher_type' make[1]: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1 <-- snip --> Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <bunk@kernel.org> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-02-15[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Add missing Kconfig dependency on BLKCIPHERFrederik Deweerdt1-0/+1
Building latest git fails with the following error: ERROR: "crypto_alloc_ablkcipher" [crypto/tcrypt.ko] undefined! This appears to happen because CONFIG_CRYPTO_TEST is set while CONFIG_CRYPTO_BLKCIPHER is not. The following patch fixes the problem for me. Signed-off-by: Frederik Deweerdt <frederik.deweerdt@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-02-07Convert ERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(p)) instances to ERR_CAST(p)David Howells7-8/+8
Convert instances of ERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(p)) to ERR_CAST(p) using: perl -spi -e 's/ERR_PTR[(]PTR_ERR[(](.*)[)][)]/ERR_CAST(\1)/' `grep -rl 'ERR_PTR[(]*PTR_ERR' fs crypto net security` Signed-off-by: David Howells <dhowells@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2008-02-06async_tx: allow architecture specific async_tx_find_channel implementationsDan Williams4-7/+13
The source and destination addresses are included to allow channel selection based on address alignment. Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Haavard Skinnemoen <hskinnemoen@atmel.com>
2008-02-06async_tx: replace 'int_en' with operation preparation flagsDan Williams3-6/+10
Pass a full set of flags to drivers' per-operation 'prep' routines. Currently the only flag passed is DMA_PREP_INTERRUPT. The expectation is that arch-specific async_tx_find_channel() implementations can exploit this capability to find the best channel for an operation. Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com> Acked-by: Shannon Nelson <shannon.nelson@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Haavard Skinnemoen <hskinnemoen@atmel.com>
2008-02-06async_tx: kill tx_set_src and tx_set_dest methodsDan Williams3-58/+83
The tx_set_src and tx_set_dest methods were originally implemented to allow an array of addresses to be passed down from async_xor to the dmaengine driver while minimizing stack overhead. Removing these methods allows drivers to have all transaction parameters available at 'prep' time, saves two function pointers in struct dma_async_tx_descriptor, and reduces the number of indirect branches.. A consequence of moving this data to the 'prep' routine is that multi-source routines like async_xor need temporary storage to convert an array of linear addresses into an array of dma addresses. In order to keep the same stack footprint of the previous implementation the input array is reused as storage for the dma addresses. This requires that sizeof(dma_addr_t) be less than or equal to sizeof(void *). As a consequence CONFIG_DMADEVICES now depends on !CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G. It also requires that drivers be able to make descriptor resources available when the 'prep' routine is polled. Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com> Acked-by: Shannon Nelson <shannon.nelson@intel.com>
2008-02-06async_tx: kill ASYNC_TX_ASSUME_COHERENTDan Williams3-31/+14
Remove the unused ASYNC_TX_ASSUME_COHERENT flag. Async_tx is meant to hide the difference between asynchronous hardware and synchronous software operations, this flag requires clients to understand cache coherency consequences of the async path. Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Haavard Skinnemoen <hskinnemoen@atmel.com>
2008-02-06async_tx: use LIST_HEAD instead of LIST_HEAD_INITDenis Cheng1-2/+1
single list_head variable initialized with LIST_HEAD_INIT could almost always can be replaced with LIST_HEAD declaration, this shrinks the code and looks better. Signed-off-by: Denis Cheng <crquan@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com>
2008-02-06async_tx: fix compile breakage, mark do_async_xor __always_inlineDan Williams1-1/+5
do_async_xor must be compiled away on !HAS_DMA archs. Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com> Acked-by: Cornelia Huck <cornelia.huck@de.ibm.com>
2008-01-25Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6Linus Torvalds34-2061/+9478
* git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6: (125 commits) [CRYPTO] twofish: Merge common glue code [CRYPTO] hifn_795x: Fixup container_of() usage [CRYPTO] cast6: inline bloat-- [CRYPTO] api: Set default CRYPTO_MINALIGN to unsigned long long [CRYPTO] tcrypt: Make xcbc available as a standalone test [CRYPTO] xcbc: Remove bogus hash/cipher test [CRYPTO] xcbc: Fix algorithm leak when block size check fails [CRYPTO] tcrypt: Zero axbuf in the right function [CRYPTO] padlock: Only reset the key once for each CBC and ECB operation [CRYPTO] api: Include sched.h for cond_resched in scatterwalk.h [CRYPTO] salsa20-asm: Remove unnecessary dependency on CRYPTO_SALSA20 [CRYPTO] tcrypt: Add select of AEAD [CRYPTO] salsa20: Add x86-64 assembly version [CRYPTO] salsa20_i586: Salsa20 stream cipher algorithm (i586 version) [CRYPTO] gcm: Introduce rfc4106 [CRYPTO] api: Show async type [CRYPTO] chainiv: Avoid lock spinning where possible [CRYPTO] seqiv: Add select AEAD in Kconfig [CRYPTO] scatterwalk: Handle zero nbytes in scatterwalk_map_and_copy [CRYPTO] null: Allow setkey on digest_null ...
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] cast6: inline bloat--Ilpo Järvinen1-3/+3
Bloat-o-meter shows rather high readings for cast6... crypto/cast6.c: cast6_setkey | -1310 cast6_encrypt | -4567 cast6_decrypt | -4561 3 functions changed, 10438 bytes removed, diff: -10438 crypto/cast6.c: W | +659 Q | +308 QBAR | +316 3 functions changed, 1283 bytes added, diff: +1283 crypto/cast6.o: 6 functions changed, 1283 bytes added, 10438 bytes removed, diff: -9155 Signed-off-by: Ilpo Järvinen <ilpo.jarvinen@helsinki.fi> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Make xcbc available as a standalone testHerbert Xu1-0/+6
Currently the gcm(aes) tests have to be taken together with all other algorithms. This patch makes it available by itself at number 106. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] xcbc: Remove bogus hash/cipher testHerbert Xu1-4/+1
When setting the digest size xcbc tests to see if the underlying algorithm is a hash. This is silly because we don't allow it to be a hash and we've specifically requested for a cipher. This patch removes the bogus test. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] xcbc: Fix algorithm leak when block size check failsHerbert Xu1-1/+2
When the underlying algorithm has a block size other than 16 we abort without freeing it. In fact, we try to return the algorithm itself as an error! This patch plugs the leak and makes it return -EINVAL instead. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Zero axbuf in the right functionHerbert Xu1-1/+1
The axbuf buffer is used by test_aead and therefore should be zeroed there instead of in test_hash. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] salsa20-asm: Remove unnecessary dependency on CRYPTO_SALSA20Tan Swee Heng1-2/+0
Signed-off-by: Tan Swee Heng <thesweeheng@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Add select of AEADSebastian Siewior1-0/+1
ERROR: "crypto_aead_setauthsize" [crypto/tcrypt.ko] undefined! ERROR: "crypto_alloc_aead" [crypto/tcrypt.ko] undefined! Signed-off-by: Sebastian Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] salsa20: Add x86-64 assembly versionTan Swee Heng1-0/+15
This is the x86-64 version of the Salsa20 stream cipher algorithm. The original assembly code came from <http://cr.yp.to/snuffle/salsa20/amd64-3/salsa20.s>. It has been reformatted for clarity. Signed-off-by: Tan Swee Heng <thesweeheng@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] salsa20_i586: Salsa20 stream cipher algorithm (i586 version)Tan Swee Heng1-0/+15
This patch contains the salsa20-i586 implementation. The original assembly code came from <http://cr.yp.to/snuffle/salsa20/x86-pm/salsa20.s>. I have reformatted it (added indents) so that it matches the other algorithms in arch/x86/crypto. Signed-off-by: Tan Swee Heng <thesweeheng@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] gcm: Introduce rfc4106Herbert Xu1-0/+239
This patch introduces the rfc4106 wrapper for GCM just as we have an rfc4309 wrapper for CCM. The purpose of the wrapper is to include part of the IV in the key so that it can be negotiated by IPsec. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>

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