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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-12-19intel_th: msu: Fix an off-by-one in attribute storeAlexander Shishkin1-1/+2
2018-12-19stm class: Fix a module refcount leak in policy creation error pathAlexander Shishkin1-5/+7
2018-12-06coresight: fix spelling mistake "deffered" -> "deferred"Colin Ian King1-1/+1
2018-12-06coresight: etm3x: Release CLAIM tag when operated from perfMathieu Poirier1-0/+1
2018-12-06coresight: etm3x: Deal with CLAIM tag before and after accessing HWMathieu Poirier1-6/+5
2018-12-06coresight: etf: Release CLAIM tag after disabling the HWMathieu Poirier1-1/+1
2018-12-06coresight: etb10: Add support for CLAIM tagMathieu Poirier1-6/+17
2018-12-06coresight: tmc: Fix bad register address for CLAIMLeo Yan1-1/+1
2018-10-11stm class: Use memcat_p()Alexander Shishkin1-28/+1
2018-10-11stm class: heartbeat: Fix whitespaceAlexander Shishkin1-1/+1
2018-10-11stm class: p_sys-t: Add support for CLOCKSYNC packetsAlexander Shishkin1-0/+80
2018-10-11stm class: Add MIPI SyS-T protocol supportAlexander Shishkin3-0/+318
2018-10-11stm class: Switch over to the protocol driverAlexander Shishkin2-16/+21
2018-10-11stm class: Factor out default framing protocolAlexander Shishkin3-0/+67
2018-10-11stm class: Add a helper for writing data packetsAlexander Shishkin2-13/+41
2018-10-11stm class: Introduce framing protocol driversAlexander Shishkin3-18/+318
2018-10-11stm class: Clean up stp_configfs_initAlexander Shishkin1-5/+1
2018-10-11stm class: Clarify configfs root type/operations namesAlexander Shishkin1-6/+6
2018-10-11stm class: Rework policy node fallbackAlexander Shishkin3-44/+55
2018-09-30Merge 4.19-rc6Greg Kroah-Hartman2-3/+18
2018-09-25coreisght: tmc: Claim device before useSuzuki K Poulose2-3/+23
2018-09-25coresight: Remove redundant null pointer check before of_node_put and put_devicezhong jiang1-6/+3
2018-09-25coresight: dynamic-replicator: Claim device for useSuzuki K Poulose1-5/+18
2018-09-25coresight: catu: Claim device before useSuzuki K Poulose1-0/+6
2018-09-25coresight: funnel: Claim devices before useSuzuki K Poulose1-5/+21
2018-09-25coresight: etmx: Claim devices before useSuzuki K Poulose2-6/+24
2018-09-25coresight: Add support for CLAIM tag protocolSuzuki K Poulose2-0/+93
2018-09-25coresight: dynamic-replicator: Handle multiple connectionsSuzuki K Poulose1-17/+47
2018-09-25coresight: etb10: Handle errors enabling the deviceSuzuki K Poulose1-5/+13
2018-09-25coresight: etm3: Add support for handling errorsSuzuki K Poulose1-14/+28
2018-09-25coresight: etm4x: Add support for handling errorsSuzuki K Poulose1-13/+26
2018-09-25coresight: tmc-etb/etf: Prepare to handle errors enablingSuzuki K Poulose1-28/+45
2018-09-25coresight: tmc-etr: Handle errors enabling CATUSuzuki K Poulose1-7/+12
2018-09-25coresight: tmc-etr: Refactor for handling errorsSuzuki K Poulose1-24/+43
2018-09-25coresight: Handle failures in enabling a trace pathSuzuki K Poulose1-6/+26
2018-09-25coresight: tmc: Fix byte-address alignment for RRPLeo Yan1-2/+2
2018-09-25coresight: tmc: Refactor loops in etb dumpLeo Yan1-10/+7
2018-09-25coresight: etm4x: Configure EL2 exception level when kernel is running in HYPTomasz Nowicki1-20/+20
2018-09-25coresight: etb10: Splitting function etb_enable()Mathieu Poirier1-21/+52
2018-09-25coresight: etb10: Refactor etb_drvdata::mode handlingMathieu Poirier1-28/+34
2018-09-25coresight: etm-perf: Add support for ETR backendSuzuki K Poulose2-2/+248
2018-09-25coresight: perf: Remove set_buffer call backSuzuki K Poulose7-33/+58
2018-09-25coresight: perf: Add helper to retrieve sink configurationSuzuki K Poulose2-14/+26
2018-09-25coresight: perf: Remove reset_buffer call back for sinksSuzuki K Poulose3-98/+25
2018-09-25coresight: Convert driver messages to dev_dbgSuzuki K Poulose11-25/+25
2018-09-25coresight: tmc-etr: Relax collection of trace from sysfs modeSuzuki K Poulose1-8/+6
2018-09-25coresight: tmc-etr: Handle driver mode specific ETR buffersSuzuki K Poulose2-20/+40
2018-09-25coresight: perf: Disable trace path upon source errorSuzuki K Poulose1-1/+3
2018-09-25coresight: perf: Allow tracing on hotplugged CPUsSuzuki K Poulose1-15/+29
2018-09-25coresight: perf: Avoid unncessary CPU hotplug read lockSuzuki K Poulose1-3/+0

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