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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-10-10bnx2x: fix cl_id allocation for non-eth clients for NPAR modeDmitry Kravkov2-7/+13
2011-09-27bnx2x: add missing break in bnx2x_dcbnl_get_capShmulik Ravid1-0/+1
2011-09-27bnx2x: fix WOL by enablement PME in config spaceDmitry Kravkov1-1/+9
2011-09-27bnx2x: fix hw attention handlingDmitry Kravkov2-2/+16
2011-09-15bnx2x: Fix ethtool advertisementYaniv Rosner1-3/+40
2011-09-15bnx2x: Fix 578xx link LEDYaniv Rosner1-2/+6
2011-09-15bnx2x: Fix XMAC loopback testYaniv Rosner2-2/+2
2011-09-15bnx2x: Remove fiber remote fault detectionYaniv Rosner1-8/+4
2011-09-15bnx2x: Enable FEC for 57810-KRYaniv Rosner2-0/+9
2011-09-15bnx2x: Fix ETS bandwidthYaniv Rosner1-12/+6
2011-09-15bnx2x: Fix for a host coalescing bug which impared latency.Ariel Elior2-16/+42
2011-09-15bnx2x: don't access removed registers on 57712 and aboveDmitry Kravkov1-5/+9
2011-09-15bnx2x: init fw_seq after undi_unload is doneDmitry Kravkov1-7/+8
2011-09-15bnx2x: don't reset device while reading its configuration.Dmitry Kravkov2-10/+16
2011-09-15bnx2x: fix MF for 4-port devicesDmitry Kravkov3-26/+36
2011-09-15bnx2x: fix rx ring size reportVladislav Zolotarov2-10/+12
2011-09-15bnx2x: decrease print level to debugDmitry Kravkov1-1/+2
2011-09-15bnx2x: fix BRB thresholds for dropless_fc modeDmitry Kravkov3-25/+102
2011-08-11bnx2x: disable dcb on 578xx since not supported yetDmitry Kravkov1-1/+1
2011-08-11bnx2x: properly clean indirect addressesDmitry Kravkov2-9/+32
2011-08-11bnx2x: prevent race between undi_unload and load flowsDmitry Kravkov1-0/+8
2011-08-11bnx2x: fix select_queue when FCoE is disabledVladislav Zolotarov1-5/+25
2011-08-11bnx2x: init FCOE FP only onceVladislav Zolotarov1-2/+3
2011-08-03bnx2x: Clear MDIO access warning during first driver loadYaniv Rosner1-1/+5
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix BCM578xx MAC testYaniv Rosner1-5/+4
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix BCM54618se invalid link indicationYaniv Rosner1-2/+9
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix BCM84833 linkYaniv Rosner1-9/+12
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix link issue with DAC over 578xxYaniv Rosner1-0/+3
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix LED behaviorYaniv Rosner1-7/+17
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix BCM578xx-B0 MDIO accessYaniv Rosner3-3/+18
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix remote fault handlingYaniv Rosner3-45/+69
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix chip hanging due to TX pipe stall.Yaniv Rosner1-1/+11
2011-08-03bnx2x: Fix missing pause on for 578xxYaniv Rosner2-0/+8
2011-08-02bnx2x: Prevent restarting Tx during bnx2x_nic_unloadVladislav Zolotarov1-2/+8
2011-07-24bnx2x: use pci_pcie_cap()Vladislav Zolotarov1-1/+1
2011-07-24bnx2x: fix bnx2x_stop_on_error flow in bnx2x_sp_rtnl_taskVladislav Zolotarov1-11/+25
2011-07-24bnx2x: enable internal target-read for 57712 and up onlyShmulik Ravid1-3/+6
2011-07-24bnx2x: count statistic ramrods on EQ to prevent MC assertVladislav Zolotarov1-31/+32
2011-07-24bnx2x: fix loopback for non 10G linkYaniv Rosner1-6/+18
2011-07-24bnx2x: dcb - send all unmapped priorities to same COS as L2Dmitry Kravkov1-6/+33
2011-07-21bnx2x: Broken self-test in SF mode on 578xxVladislav Zolotarov3-3/+12
2011-07-21bnx2x: Parity errors recovery for 578xxVladislav Zolotarov4-71/+168
2011-07-21bnx2x: Read FIP mac from SHMEM in single function modeVladislav Zolotarov1-7/+9
2011-07-21bnx2x: Fixed ethtool -d for 578xxVladislav Zolotarov2-811/+1202
2011-07-21bnx2x: Implementation for netdev->ndo_fcoe_get_wwnVladislav Zolotarov3-3/+91
2011-07-19bnx2x: disable FCoE for 578xx devices since not yet supportedDmitry Kravkov1-2/+2
2011-07-19bnx2x: fix memory barriersVladislav Zolotarov2-19/+75
2011-07-19bnx2x: use BNX2X_Q_FLG_TPA_IPV6 for TPA queue configurationVladislav Zolotarov3-2/+5
2011-07-19bnx2x: disable loacal BH when scheduling FCOE napiVladislav Zolotarov1-1/+8
2011-07-19bnx2x: fix MB index for 4-port devicesDmitry Kravkov1-1/+1

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