path: root/drivers/pwm/pwm-tegra.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-09-26pwm: tegra: Remove gratuituous blank lineThierry Reding1-1/+0
2017-08-21pwm: tegra: Explicitly request exclusive reset controlPhilipp Zabel1-1/+1
2017-06-13pwm: tegra: Set maximum pwm clock source per SoC tapeoutLaxman Dewangan1-1/+17
2017-04-13pwm: tegra: Read PWM clock source rate in driver initLaxman Dewangan1-1/+6
2017-04-13pwm: tegra: Avoid potential overflow for short periodsThierry Reding1-6/+4
2017-04-12pwm: tegra: Add support to configure pin state in suspends/resumeLaxman Dewangan1-0/+18
2017-04-12pwm: tegra: Increase precision in PWM rate calculationLaxman Dewangan1-2/+5
2017-04-12pwm: tegra: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST_ULL() instead of local implementationLaxman Dewangan1-2/+1
2016-07-11pwm: tegra: Add support for Tegra186Laxman Dewangan1-3/+19
2016-07-11pwm: tegra: Avoid overflow when calculating duty cycleHyong Bin Kim1-2/+3
2016-07-11pwm: tegra: Allow 100 % duty cycleVictor(Weiguo) Pan1-1/+1
2016-07-11pwm: tegra: Add support for reset controlRohith Seelaboyina1-0/+20
2016-07-11pwm: tegra: Rename mmio_base to regsThierry Reding1-6/+6
2016-07-11pwm: tegra: Remove useless paddingThierry Reding1-4/+4
2016-07-11pwm: tegra: Drop NUM_PWM macroThierry Reding1-5/+3
2015-07-20pwm: Add the pwm_is_enabled() helperBoris Brezillon1-3/+3
2015-02-18pwm: tegra: Use NSEC_PER_SECThierry Reding1-1/+1
2014-10-20pwm: drop owner assignment from platform_driversWolfram Sang1-1/+0
2014-04-28pwm: tegra: Remove unnecessary OOM messagesJingoo Han1-3/+1
2013-06-12pwm: Fill in missing .owner fieldsThierry Reding1-0/+1
2013-05-18drivers/pwm: don't check resource with devm_ioremap_resourceWolfram Sang1-5/+0
2013-04-23pwm: Constify OF match tablesThierry Reding1-1/+1
2013-02-26Merge tag 'for-3.9-rc1' of git://gitorious.org/linux-pwm/linux-pwmLinus Torvalds1-3/+1
2013-02-15pwm: tegra: assume CONFIG_OFStephen Warren1-3/+1
2013-01-22pwm: Convert to devm_ioremap_resource()Thierry Reding1-3/+3
2012-11-28pwm: remove use of __devexitBill Pemberton1-1/+1
2012-11-28pwm: remove use of __devexit_pBill Pemberton1-1/+1
2012-08-17pwm: Remove a redundant error message when devm_request_and_ioremap failsAxel Lin1-3/+1
2012-07-23pwm: Convert pwm-tegra to use devm_clk_get()Axel Lin1-6/+2
2012-07-02pwm: tegra: Add device tree supportThierry Reding1-0/+11
2012-07-02pwm: Add NVIDIA Tegra SoC supportThierry Reding1-0/+254

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