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Merge tag 'nfsd-4.3' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux
Pull nfsd updates from Bruce Fields: "Nothing major, but: - Add Jeff Layton as an nfsd co-maintainer: no change to existing practice, just an acknowledgement of the status quo. - Two patches ("nfsd: ensure that...") for a race overlooked by the state locking rewrite, causing a crash noticed by multiple users. - Lots of smaller bugfixes all over from Kinglong Mee. - From Jeff, some cleanup of server rpc code in preparation for possible shift of nfsd threads to workqueues" * tag 'nfsd-4.3' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux: (52 commits) nfsd: deal with DELEGRETURN racing with CB_RECALL nfsd: return CLID_INUSE for unexpected SETCLIENTID_CONFIRM case nfsd: ensure that delegation stateid hash references are only put once nfsd: ensure that the ol stateid hash reference is only put once net: sunrpc: fix tracepoint Warning: unknown op '->' nfsd: allow more than one laundry job to run at a time nfsd: don't WARN/backtrace for invalid container deployment. fs: fix fs/locks.c kernel-doc warning nfsd: Add Jeff Layton as co-maintainer NFSD: Return word2 bitmask if setting security label in OPEN/CREATE NFSD: Set the attributes used to store the verifier for EXCLUSIVE4_1 nfsd: SUPPATTR_EXCLCREAT must be encoded before SECURITY_LABEL. nfsd: Fix an FS_LAYOUT_TYPES/LAYOUT_TYPES encode bug NFSD: Store parent's stat in a separate value nfsd: Fix two typos in comments lockd: NLM grace period shouldn't block NFSv4 opens nfsd: include linux/nfs4.h in export.h sunrpc: Switch to using hash list instead single list sunrpc/nfsd: Remove redundant code by exports seq_operations functions sunrpc: Store cache_detail in seq_file's private directly ...
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