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authorIlya Dryomov <idryomov@gmail.com>2015-07-09 13:57:52 +0300
committerIlya Dryomov <idryomov@gmail.com>2015-07-09 20:30:34 +0300
commitc44bd69c0c8cfadf0239437635b2933efb1f6c4c (patch)
tree39ad695bef47fc7707433305820dbd56a6c93e0c /net/ceph
parent757856d2b9568a701df9ea6a4be68effbb9d6f44 (diff)
libceph: treat sockaddr_storage with uninitialized family as blank
addr_is_blank() should return true if family is neither AF_INET nor AF_INET6. This is what its counterpart entity_addr_t::is_blank_ip() is doing and it is the right thing to do: in process_banner() we check if our address is blank and if it is "learn" it from our peer. As it is, we never learn our address and always send out a blank one. This goes way back to ceph.git commit dd732cbfc1c9 ("use sockaddr_storage; and some ipv6 support groundwork") from 2009. While at at, do not open-code ipv6_addr_any() and use INADDR_ANY constant instead of 0. Signed-off-by: Ilya Dryomov <idryomov@gmail.com> Reviewed-by: Sage Weil <sage@redhat.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'net/ceph')
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/net/ceph/messenger.c b/net/ceph/messenger.c
index 5c1f98ea6741..e3be1d22a247 100644
--- a/net/ceph/messenger.c
+++ b/net/ceph/messenger.c
@@ -1732,17 +1732,17 @@ static int verify_hello(struct ceph_connection *con)
static bool addr_is_blank(struct sockaddr_storage *ss)
+ struct in_addr *addr = &((struct sockaddr_in *)ss)->sin_addr;
+ struct in6_addr *addr6 = &((struct sockaddr_in6 *)ss)->sin6_addr;
switch (ss->ss_family) {
case AF_INET:
- return ((struct sockaddr_in *)ss)->sin_addr.s_addr == 0;
+ return addr->s_addr == htonl(INADDR_ANY);
case AF_INET6:
- return
- ((struct sockaddr_in6 *)ss)->sin6_addr.s6_addr32[0] == 0 &&
- ((struct sockaddr_in6 *)ss)->sin6_addr.s6_addr32[1] == 0 &&
- ((struct sockaddr_in6 *)ss)->sin6_addr.s6_addr32[2] == 0 &&
- ((struct sockaddr_in6 *)ss)->sin6_addr.s6_addr32[3] == 0;
+ return ipv6_addr_any(addr6);
+ default:
+ return true;
- return false;
static int addr_port(struct sockaddr_storage *ss)

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