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Bjørn Mork says: ==================== The huawei_cdc_ncm driver. Enrico has been kind enough to let me repost his driver with the changes requested by Oliver Neukum during the last review of this series. The changes I have made from Enricos original v5 series to this version are: v6: - fix to avoid corrupting drvstate->pmcount - fix error return value from huawei_cdc_ncm_suspend() - drop redundant testing for subdriver->suspend during resume - broke a few lines to keep within the 80 columns recommendation - rebased on top of current net-next Enrico's orginal introduction to the v5 series follows below. It explains the background much better than I can. Bjørn [quote Enrico Mioso] So this is a new, revised, edition of the huawei_cdc_ncm.c driver, which supports devices resembling the NCM standard, but using it also as a mean to encapsulate other protocols, as is the case for the Huawei E3131 and E3251 modem devices. Some precisations are needed however - and I encourage discussion on this: and that's why I'm sending this message with a broader CC. Merging those patches might change: - the way Modem Manager interacts with those devices - some regressions might be possible if there are some unknown firmware variants around (Franko?) First of all: I observed the behaviours of two devices. Huawei E3131: this device doesn't accept NDIS setup requests unless they're sent via the embedded AT channel exposed by this driver. So actually we gain funcionality in this case! The second case, is the Huawei E3251: which works with standard NCM driver, still exposing an AT embedded channel. Whith this patch set applied, you gain some funcionality, loosing the ability to catch standard NCM events for now. The device will work in both ways with no problems, but this has to be acknowledged and discussed. Might be we can develop this driver further to change this, when more devices are tested. We where thinking Huawei changed their interfaces on new devices - but probably this driver only works around a nice firmware bug present in E3131, which prevented the modem from being used in NDIS mode. I think committing this is definitely wortth-while, since it will allow for more Huawei devices to be used without serial connection. Some devices like the E3251 also, reports some status information only via the embedded AT channel, at least in my case. Note: I'm not subscribed to any list except the Modem Manager's one, so please CC me, thanks!! [/quote] Enrico Mioso (3): net: cdc_ncm: Export cdc_ncm_{tx,rx}_fixup functions for re-use net: huawei_cdc_ncm: Introduce the huawei_cdc_ncm driver net: cdc_ncm: remove non-standard NCM device IDs ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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