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Note: If any architecturally invalid key value is found in the given data then
the ioctl will return -EINVAL.
+4.92 KVM_S390_IRQ
+Capability: KVM_CAP_S390_INJECT_IRQ
+Architectures: s390
+Type: vcpu ioctl
+Parameters: struct kvm_s390_irq (in)
+Returns: 0 on success, -1 on error
+ EINVAL: interrupt type is invalid
+ type is KVM_S390_SIGP_STOP and flag parameter is invalid value
+ type is KVM_S390_INT_EXTERNAL_CALL and code is bigger
+ than the maximum of VCPUs
+ EBUSY: type is KVM_S390_SIGP_SET_PREFIX and vcpu is not stopped
+ type is KVM_S390_SIGP_STOP and a stop irq is already pending
+ type is KVM_S390_INT_EXTERNAL_CALL and an external call interrupt
+ is already pending
+Allows to inject an interrupt to the guest.
+Using struct kvm_s390_irq as a parameter allows
+to inject additional payload which is not
+possible via KVM_S390_INTERRUPT.
+Interrupt parameters are passed via kvm_s390_irq:
+struct kvm_s390_irq {
+ __u64 type;
+ union {
+ struct kvm_s390_io_info io;
+ struct kvm_s390_ext_info ext;
+ struct kvm_s390_pgm_info pgm;
+ struct kvm_s390_emerg_info emerg;
+ struct kvm_s390_extcall_info extcall;
+ struct kvm_s390_prefix_info prefix;
+ struct kvm_s390_stop_info stop;
+ struct kvm_s390_mchk_info mchk;
+ char reserved[64];
+ } u;
+type can be one of the following:
+KVM_S390_SIGP_STOP - sigp stop; parameter in .stop
+KVM_S390_PROGRAM_INT - program check; parameters in .pgm
+KVM_S390_SIGP_SET_PREFIX - sigp set prefix; parameters in .prefix
+KVM_S390_RESTART - restart; no parameters
+KVM_S390_INT_CLOCK_COMP - clock comparator interrupt; no parameters
+KVM_S390_INT_CPU_TIMER - CPU timer interrupt; no parameters
+KVM_S390_INT_EMERGENCY - sigp emergency; parameters in .emerg
+KVM_S390_INT_EXTERNAL_CALL - sigp external call; parameters in .extcall
+KVM_S390_MCHK - machine check interrupt; parameters in .mchk
+Note that the vcpu ioctl is asynchronous to vcpu execution.
5. The kvm_run structure

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