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-Thank you
+Follow up
+Expectations for bug reporters
+Linux kernel maintainers expect bug reporters to be able to follow up on
+bug reports. That may include running new tests, applying patches,
+recompiling your kernel, and/or re-triggering your bug. The most
+frustrating thing for maintainers is for someone to report a bug, and then
+never follow up on a request to try out a fix.
+That said, it's still useful for a kernel maintainer to know a bug exists
+on a supported kernel, even if you can't follow up with retests. Follow
+up reports, such as replying to the email thread with "I tried the latest
+kernel and I can't reproduce my bug anymore" are also helpful, because
+maintainers have to assume silence means things are still broken.
+Expectations for kernel maintainers
+Linux kernel maintainers are busy, overworked human beings. Some times
+they may not be able to address your bug in a day, a week, or two weeks.
+If they don't answer your email, they may be on vacation, or at a Linux
+conference. Check the conference schedule at LWN.net for more info:
+ https://lwn.net/Calendar/
+In general, kernel maintainers take 1 to 5 business days to respond to
+bugs. The majority of kernel maintainers are employed to work on the
+kernel, and they may not work on the weekends. Maintainers are scattered
+around the world, and they may not work in your time zone. Unless you
+have a high priority bug, please wait at least a week after the first bug
+report before sending the maintainer a reminder email.
+The exceptions to this rule are regressions, kernel crashes, security holes,
+or userspace breakage caused by new kernel behavior. Those bugs should be
+addressed by the maintainers ASAP. If you suspect a maintainer is not
+responding to these types of bugs in a timely manner (especially during a
+merge window), escalate the bug to LKML and Linus Torvalds.
+Thank you!

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