AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-01-03net: remove unnecessary NET_ADDR_RANDOM "bitclean"Jiri Pirko27-35/+4
2013-01-03net: add address assign type "SET"Jiri Pirko2-0/+3
2013-01-03net: set dev->addr_assign_type correctlyJiri Pirko5-5/+5
2013-01-03net: call add_device_randomness() only after successful mac changeJiri Pirko1-3/+4
2013-01-03rtnl: use dev_set_mac_address() instead of plain ndo_Jiri Pirko1-18/+2
2013-01-03team: update master carrier stateFlavio Leitner1-2/+22
2013-01-03qlcnic: fix build errorSony Chacko1-2/+1
2013-01-03qlcnic: do not duplicate infrastructure functionsStephen Rothwell1-19/+1
2013-01-02qlcnic: update driver versionSigned-off-by: Sony Chacko1-2/+2
2013-01-02qlcnic: remove unused definitions from header fileShahed Shaikh3-134/+4
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx ethtool interface routinesSony Chacko6-193/+750
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx register dump routinesSony Chacko6-155/+529
2013-01-02qlcnic: enable 83xx virtual NIC modeSony Chacko6-7/+285
2013-01-02qlcnic: flash template based firmware reset recoverySony Chacko5-0/+538
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx CNA inter driver communication mechanismSony Chacko6-19/+1830
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx adpater flash interface routinesSony Chacko3-0/+443
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx sysfs routinesSony Chacko6-122/+266
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx base driverSony Chacko3-175/+330
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx data path routinesSony Chacko7-133/+676
2013-01-02qlcnic: 83xx memory map and HW access routinesSony Chacko9-32/+2094
2013-01-02qlcnic: macros for common register accessHimanshu Madhani3-80/+107
2013-01-02qlcnic: change driver hardware interface mechanismSony Chacko9-518/+1035
2013-01-02bnx2x: Add VF device ids and enable featureAriel Elior3-10/+99
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support PF <-> VF Bulletin BoardAriel Elior8-2/+320
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support VF FLRAriel Elior6-7/+321
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support of PF driver of a VF release requestAriel Elior5-1/+170
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support of PF driver of a VF close requestAriel Elior3-0/+119
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support of PF driver of a VF q_teardown requestAriel Elior3-0/+295
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support of PF driver of a VF q_filters requestAriel Elior3-0/+589
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support of PF driver of a VF setup_q requestAriel Elior5-177/+1071
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support statistics collection for VFs by the PFAriel Elior6-93/+217
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support of PF driver of a VF init requestAriel Elior6-3/+190
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support of PF driver of a VF acquire requestAriel Elior6-11/+476
2013-01-02bnx2x: Infrastructure for VF <-> PF request on PF sideAriel Elior5-45/+664
2013-01-02bnx2x: Prepare device and initialize VF databaseAriel Elior8-51/+535
2013-01-02bnx2x: Allocate VF database in PF when VFs are presentAriel Elior6-1/+570
2013-01-02bnx2x: VF fastpathAriel Elior3-51/+50
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support ndo_set_rxmode in VF driverAriel Elior3-6/+179
2013-01-02bnx2x: Add teardown_q and close to VF <-> PF channelAriel Elior4-2/+112
2013-01-02bnx2x: Add init, setup_q, set_mac to VF <-> PF channelAriel Elior4-0/+310
2013-01-02bnx2x: Separate VF and PF logicAriel Elior6-266/+525
2013-01-02bnx2x: Add to VF <-> PF channel the release requestAriel Elior3-0/+59
2013-01-02bnx2x: VF <-> PF channel 'acquire' at vf probeAriel Elior7-1/+407
2013-01-02bnx2x: Support probing and removing of VF deviceAriel Elior7-158/+353
2012-12-30team: add ethtool supportFlavio Leitner1-0/+17
2012-12-30veth: extend device featuresEric Dumazet1-1/+6
2012-12-30veth: reduce stat overheadEric Dumazet2-68/+48
2012-12-30team: implement carrier changeFlavio Leitner1-0/+10
2012-12-30bridge: respect RFC2863 operational statestephen hemminger4-6/+9
2012-12-30net: filter: return -EINVAL if BPF_S_ANC* operation is not supportedDaniel Borkmann1-0/+7

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