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-What: Bridge netfilter deferred IPv4/IPv6 output hook calling
-When: January 2007
-Why: The deferred output hooks are a layering violation causing unusual
- and broken behaviour on bridge devices. Examples of things they
- break include QoS classifation using the MARK or CLASSIFY targets,
- the IPsec policy match and connection tracking with VLANs on a
- bridge. Their only use is to enable bridge output port filtering
- within iptables with the physdev match, which can also be done by
- combining iptables and ebtables using netfilter marks. Until it
- will get removed the hook deferral is disabled by default and is
- only enabled when needed.
-Who: Patrick McHardy <kaber@trash.net>
What: PHYSDEVPATH, PHYSDEVBUS, PHYSDEVDRIVER in the uevent environment
When: October 2008
Why: The stacking of class devices makes these values misleading and

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