AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-03-11mem2mem_testdev: improve field handlingHEADmasterHans Verkuil1-11/+10
2014-03-11mem2mem_testdev: fix field, sequence and time copyingHans Verkuil1-3/+24
2014-03-11mem2mem_testdev: return pending buffers in stop_streaming()Hans Verkuil1-0/+21
2014-03-11mem2mem_testdev: add USERPTR support.Hans Verkuil1-2/+2
2014-03-11mem2mem_testdev: set priv to 0Hans Verkuil1-0/+1
2014-03-11mem2mem_testdev: pick default format with try_fmt.Hans Verkuil1-2/+10
2014-03-11mem2mem_testdev: use 40ms default transfer time.Hans Verkuil1-5/+3
2014-03-11s5p-mfc: remove meaningless memory bank assignmentSeung-Woo Kim1-2/+0
2014-03-11s5p-mfc: Replaced commas with semicolons.Joonyoung Shim1-4/+4
2014-03-09[media] drx-d: add missing braces in drxd_hard.c:DRXD_initDave Jones1-2/+2
2014-03-09[media] drx-j: drxj_default_aud_data_g can be staticFengguang Wu1-1/+1
2014-03-09[media] em28xx-dvb: remove one level of identation at fini callbackMauro Carvalho Chehab1-22/+26
2014-03-09[media] em28xx: Only deallocate struct em28xx after finishing all extensionsMauro Carvalho Chehab6-19/+56
2014-03-09[media] em28xx: only enable PCTV 80e led when streamingMauro Carvalho Chehab1-2/+13
2014-03-07[media] vivi: fix ENUM_FRAMEINTERVALS implementationHans Verkuil1-1/+5
2014-03-07[media] vivi: correctly cleanup after a start_streaming failureHans Verkuil1-1/+11
2014-03-07[media] vb2: call buf_finish after the state checkHans Verkuil1-2/+2
2014-03-07[media] vb2: fix streamoff handling if streamon wasn't calledHans Verkuil1-5/+5
2014-03-07[media] vb2: replace BUG by WARN_ONHans Verkuil1-3/+3
2014-03-07[media] vb2: properly clean up PREPARED and QUEUED buffersHans Verkuil1-0/+8
2014-03-07[media] vb2: only call start_streaming if sufficient buffers are queuedHans Verkuil7-73/+116
2014-03-07[media] vb2: don't init the list if there are still buffersHans Verkuil1-12/+17
2014-03-07[media] vb2: rename queued_count to owned_by_drv_countHans Verkuil2-7/+7
2014-03-07[media] vb2: fix buf_init/buf_cleanup call sequencesHans Verkuil1-33/+67
2014-03-07[media] vb2: consistent usage of periods in videobuf2-core.hHans Verkuil1-20/+20
2014-03-07[media] vb2: call buf_finish from __queue_cancelHans Verkuil5-5/+31
2014-03-07[media] pwc: do not decompress the image unless the state is DONEHans Verkuil1-6/+9
2014-03-07[media] vb2: change result code of buf_finish to voidHans Verkuil8-19/+9
2014-03-07[media] vb2: add debugging code to check for unbalanced opsHans Verkuil2-50/+226
2014-03-07[media] vb2: fix PREPARE_BUF regressionHans Verkuil1-6/+2
2014-03-07[media] vb2: fix read/write regressionHans Verkuil1-6/+40
2014-03-07[media] vb2: Check if there are buffers before streamonRicardo Ribalda Delgado1-0/+5
2014-03-07Merge branch 'topic/of-graph' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/pza/linux into ...Mauro Carvalho Chehab1206-7466/+14934
2014-03-06of: Warn if of_graph_parse_endpoint is called with the root nodePhilipp Zabel1-0/+3
2014-03-06[media] of: move common endpoint parsing to drivers/ofPhilipp Zabel6-25/+59
2014-03-06of: Reduce indentation in of_graph_get_next_endpointPhilipp Zabel1-20/+22
2014-03-06of: Warn if of_graph_get_next_endpoint is called with the root nodePhilipp Zabel1-2/+2
2014-03-06Documentation: of: Document graph bindingsPhilipp Zabel1-0/+129
2014-03-06[media] of: move graph helpers from drivers/media/v4l2-core to drivers/ofPhilipp Zabel12-153/+182
2014-03-05[media] omap3isp: Fix kerneldoc for _module_sync_is_stopping and isp_isr()Peter Meerwald1-4/+1
2014-03-05[media] omap3isp: Rename the variable names in descriptionLad, Prabhakar7-21/+22
2014-03-05[media] omap3isp: ispccdc: Remove unwanted commentsLad, Prabhakar1-6/+0
2014-03-05[media] omap3isp: Fix typosLad, Prabhakar8-12/+12
2014-03-05[media] uvcvideo: Add bayer 8-bit patterns to uvcvideoEdgar Thier2-1/+33
2014-03-05[media] uvcvideo: Do not use usb_set_interface on bulk EPOleksij Rempel1-1/+19
2014-03-05[media] v4l: Document timestamp buffer flag behaviourSakari Ailus1-0/+14
2014-03-05[media] v4l: Copy timestamp source flags to destination on m2m devicesSakari Ailus10-0/+34
2014-03-05[media] exynos-gsc, m2m-deinterlace, mx2_emmaprp: Copy v4l2_buffer data from ...Sakari Ailus3-6/+6
2014-03-05[media] uvcvideo: Tell the user space we're using start-of-exposure timestampsSakari Ailus1-1/+2
2014-03-05[media] v4l: Handle buffer timestamp flags correctlySakari Ailus1-1/+20

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