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2014-07-30[media] s5p-mfc: remove unnecessary calling to function video_devdata()Zhaowei Yuan1-1/+1
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: add chroma subsampling adjustment for Exynos3250Jacek Anaszewski1-21/+38
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: Prevent erroneous downscaling for Exynos3250 SoCJacek Anaszewski1-0/+18
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: Assure proper crop rectangle initializationJacek Anaszewski1-0/+15
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: fix g_selection opJacek Anaszewski1-5/+7
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: Adjust jpeg_bound_align_image to Exynos3250 needsJacek Anaszewski1-5/+20
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: return error immediately after get_byte failsJacek Anaszewski1-2/+2
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: Add support for Exynos3250 SoCJacek Anaszewski7-22/+1338
2014-07-30[media] s5p-jpeg: Document sclk-jpeg clock for Exynos3250 SoCJacek Anaszewski1-4/+8
2014-07-30[media] xc5000: always write at dmesg when it fails to upload firmwareMauro Carvalho Chehab1-13/+27
2014-07-30[media] xc5000: optimize firmware retry logicMauro Carvalho Chehab1-35/+38
2014-07-30[media] xc5000: Don't try forever to load the firmwareMauro Carvalho Chehab1-19/+21
2014-07-30[media] au0828: add support for IR on HVR-950QMauro Carvalho Chehab6-4/+430
2014-07-30[media] ir-rc5-decoder: print where decoding failsMauro Carvalho Chehab1-2/+2
2014-07-30[media] rc-main: allow raw protocol drivers to restrict the allowed protosMauro Carvalho Chehab1-3/+2
2014-07-30[media] au0828: improve I2C speedMauro Carvalho Chehab2-16/+27
2014-07-28Merge branch 'patchwork' into to_nextMauro Carvalho Chehab57-454/+2425
2014-07-28si2135: Declare the structs even if frontend is not enabledMauro Carvalho Chehab1-3/+1
2014-07-27[media] solo6x10: fix potential null dereferenceHans Verkuil2-4/+7
2014-07-27[media] v4l2-ctrls: fix rounding calculationHans Verkuil1-5/+5
2014-07-27[media] mceusb: select default keytable based on vendorMauro Carvalho Chehab1-6/+17
2014-07-27[media] mceusb: add support for newer cx231xx devicesMauro Carvalho Chehab1-0/+8
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: handle errors at read_eeprom()Mauro Carvalho Chehab1-1/+8
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: Add support for PCTV QuatroStick 522eMatthias Schwarzott1-1/+4
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: Add support for PCTV QuatroStick 521eMatthias Schwarzott1-1/+4
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: Add digital support for HVR930C-HD model 1114xxMatthias Schwarzott4-0/+107
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: Add digital support for HVR 930c-HD model 1113xxMatthias Schwarzott6-0/+132
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: prepare for i2c_client attachmentMatthias Schwarzott1-0/+8
2014-07-27[media] cx23885: Add si2165 support for HVR-5500Matthias Schwarzott3-8/+53
2014-07-27[media] si2165: Add demod driver for DVB-T onlyMatthias Schwarzott5-0/+1137
2014-07-27[media] get_dvb_firmware: Add firmware extractor for si2165Matthias Schwarzott1-1/+32
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: return an error if it can't read PCB configMauro Carvalho Chehab3-5/+13
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: move analog init code to a separate functionMauro Carvalho Chehab1-106/+114
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: use devm_ functions to allocate memoryMauro Carvalho Chehab1-30/+13
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: Don't let an interface number to go past the arrayMauro Carvalho Chehab1-12/+30
2014-07-27[media] cx231xx: Fix the max number of interfacesMauro Carvalho Chehab1-2/+1
2014-07-26[media] rc: Add support for decoding XMP protocolMarcel J.E. Mol7-1/+255
2014-07-26[media] v4l2: blackfin: select proper pinctrl state in ppi_set_params if CONF...Sonic Zhang2-0/+18
2014-07-26[media] v4l2: bfin: Ensure delete and reinit list entry on NOMMU architectureSonic Zhang1-3/+3
2014-07-26[media] media: blackfin: ppi: Pass device pointer to request peripheral pinsSonic Zhang3-5/+8
2014-07-26[media] em28xx-v4l: fix disabling ioctl VIDIOC_S_PARM for vbi devicesFrank Schaefer1-1/+1
2014-07-26[media] em28xx-v4l: get rid of field "users" in struct em28xx_v4l2Frank Schaefer2-11/+13
2014-07-26[media] em28xx-v4l: simplify em28xx_v4l2_open() by using v4l2_fh_open()Frank Schaefer1-8/+7
2014-07-26[media] em28xx-v4l: get rid of struct em28xx_fhFrank Schaefer2-61/+29
2014-07-26[media] em28xx-v4l: simplify some pointers in em28xx_init_camera()Frank Schaefer1-2/+2
2014-07-26[media] staging: media: lirc_parallel.c: fix coding styleZheng Di1-16/+16
2014-07-26[media] Fix typo in commentsRaimonds Cicans1-1/+1
2014-07-26[media] staging: omap4iss: Fix type of struct iss_device::crashedRasmus Villemoes1-1/+1
2014-07-26[media] staging: lirc: Introduce the use of managed interfacesHimangi Saraogi1-30/+7
2014-07-26[media] staging: lirc: remove return void functionRaphael Poggi1-6/+0

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