path: root/arch/x86/kernel/mpparse.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-05-30Merge branch 'x86-trampoline-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux...Linus Torvalds1-1/+0
2012-05-29x86: print physical addresses consistently with other parts of kernelBjorn Helgaas1-4/+6
2012-05-17MCA: delete all remaining traces of microchannel bus support.Paul Gortmaker1-8/+3
2012-05-08x86, realmode: Move ACPI wakeup to unified realmode codeJarkko Sakkinen1-1/+0
2011-12-20Merge branch 'memblock-kill-early_node_map' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/l...Ingo Molnar1-8/+4
2011-12-05x86/mpparse: Account for bus types other than ISA and PCIBjorn Helgaas1-1/+1
2011-07-14memblock, x86: Replace memblock_x86_reserve/free_range() with generic onesTejun Heo1-4/+2
2011-07-14x86: Use __memblock_alloc_base() in early_reserve_e820()Tejun Heo1-4/+2
2011-05-20x86, ioapic: Consolidate mp_ioapics[] into 'struct ioapic'Suresh Siddha1-1/+1
2011-05-20Merge branch 'x86-mm-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Linus Torvalds1-1/+1
2011-05-07Merge commit 'v2.6.39-rc6' into x86/cleanupsIngo Molnar1-4/+4
2011-04-04x86, mpparse: Put check_slot() into .init sectionRakib Mullick1-1/+1
2011-03-24x86, mpparse: Remove unnecessary variableRakib Mullick1-3/+1
2011-03-22x86, mpparse: Move check_slot into CONFIG_X86_IO_APIC contextRakib Mullick1-4/+4
2011-03-18x86: Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi1-2/+2
2010-12-09x86: Further simplify mp_irq info handlingFeng Tang1-32/+6
2010-12-09x86: Unify 3 similar ways of saving mp_irqs infoFeng Tang1-53/+3
2010-12-09x86, apic: Remove early_init_lapic_mapping()Yinghai Lu1-6/+2
2010-12-09x86, apic: Unify identical register_lapic_address() functionsYinghai Lu1-13/+1
2010-08-31Merge commit 'v2.6.36-rc3' into x86/memblockIngo Molnar1-0/+16
2010-08-27x86: Use memblock to replace early_resYinghai Lu1-2/+3
2010-08-05x86, apic: Map the local apic when parsing the MP table.Eric W. Biederman1-0/+16
2010-06-09x86, irq: Rename gsi_end gsi_top, and fix off by one errorsEric W. Biederman1-1/+1
2010-05-04x86, ioapic: In mpparse use mp_register_ioapicEric W. Biederman1-24/+1
2010-04-01x86: Handle overlapping mptablesAndi Kleen1-2/+2
2010-02-10x86, apic: Don't use logical-flat mode when CPU hotplug may exceed 8 CPUsSuresh Siddha1-7/+0
2009-12-11x86: Use find_e820() instead of hard coded trampoline addressYinghai Lu1-3/+0
2009-11-24x86: Move find_smp_config() earlier and avoid bootmem usageYinghai Lu1-32/+12
2009-09-18Merge branch 'x86-platform-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/k...Linus Torvalds1-51/+24
2009-08-31x86: Move get/find_smp_config to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner1-31/+2
2009-08-27x86: Move oem_bus_info to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner1-6/+8
2009-08-27x86: Move mpc_oem_pci_bus to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner1-2/+2
2009-08-27x86: Move smp_read_mpc_oem to x86_init_ops.Thomas Gleixner1-4/+4
2009-08-27x86: Move mpc_apic_id to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner1-4/+6
2009-08-27x86: Sanitize smp_record and move it to x86_init_opsThomas Gleixner1-4/+2
2009-08-26x86, ioapic: Define IO_APIC_DEFAULT_PHYS_BASE constantCyrill Gorcunov1-5/+5
2009-05-18x86, irq: don't call mp_config_acpi_gsi() if update_mptable is not enabledYinghai Lu1-1/+1
2009-05-18x86, irq: update_mptable needs pci_routeirqYinghai Lu1-0/+7
2009-05-11x86: fix alloc_mptable()Yinghai Lu1-16/+9
2009-04-12x86: Fix section mismatches in mpparseRakib Mullick1-3/+4
2009-03-21x86: mpparse.c introduce check_physptr helper functionJaswinder Singh Rajput1-44/+50
2009-03-21x86: mpparse.c introduce smp_dump_mptable helper functionJaswinder Singh Rajput1-8/+10
2009-03-19x86: mpparse: clean up code by introducing a few helper functions, fixIngo Molnar1-6/+6
2009-03-18x86: mpparse: clean up code by introducing a few helper functionsJaswinder Singh Rajput1-141/+120
2009-03-13x86: clean up output resulting from update_mptable optionJan Beulich1-3/+3
2009-03-04x86: reserve exact size of mptableYinghai Lu1-2/+2
2009-03-04x86: ioremap mptableYinghai Lu1-1/+20
2009-02-23x86: check mptable physptr with max_low_pfn on 32bitYinghai Lu1-3/+12
2009-02-17x86, apic: remove genapic.hIngo Molnar1-1/+1
2009-02-11x86: kernel/mpparse.c fix compilation warningsJaswinder Singh Rajput1-3/+3

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