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2013-04-14[media] davinic: vpss: trivial cleanupLad, Prabhakar1-8/+3
2013-04-14[media] media: davinci: vpbe: venc: move the enabling of vpss clocks to driverLad, Prabhakar1-0/+25
2013-04-14[media] media: davinci: vpss: enable vpss clocksLad, Prabhakar4-106/+30
2013-04-14[media] davinci: vpif: add pm_runtime supportLad, Prabhakar1-18/+6
2013-04-14[media] media: davinci: kconfig: fix incorrect selectsSekhar Nori2-79/+41
2013-03-29[media] ioctl numbers are unsigned intMauro Carvalho Chehab1-1/+1
2013-03-24[media] v4l2: add const to argument of write-only s_register ioctlHans Verkuil3-3/+5
2013-03-24[media] v4l2: pass std by value to the write-only s_std ioctlHans Verkuil5-19/+19
2013-03-23[media] davinci: vpif: Fix module build for capture and displayLad, Prabhakar4-6/+10
2013-03-19[media] davinci: vpbe: fix module buildLad, Prabhakar2-0/+6
2013-03-19[media] davinci: more gama -> gamma typo fixesHans Verkuil4-9/+9
2013-03-19[media] davinci/dm644x_ccdc: fix compiler warningHans Verkuil2-6/+9
2013-03-19[media] davinci/vpfe_capture: remove current_normHans Verkuil1-1/+0
2013-03-19[media] davinci/vpbe_display: remove deprecated current_normHans Verkuil1-9/+1
2013-03-19[media] davinci/vpfe_capture: convert to the control frameworkHans Verkuil1-40/+7
2013-03-19[media] davinci: remove VPBE_ENC_DV_PRESET and rename VPBE_ENC_CUSTOM_TIMINGSHans Verkuil3-9/+9
2013-03-05[media] vb2: Add support for non monotonic timestampsKamil Debski3-0/+3
2013-02-24Merge branch 'v4l_for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds11-70/+162
2013-02-15[media] davinci: do not include mach/hardware.hArnd Bergmann1-1/+0
2013-02-05[media] davinci: vpbe: fix missing unlock on error in vpbe_initialize()Wei Yongjun1-2/+4
2013-02-05[media] davinci: dm355: Fix uninitialized variable compiler warningsLad, Prabhakar1-1/+1
2013-01-24Merge branch 'v4l_for_linus' into staging/for_v3.9Mauro Carvalho Chehab8-23/+24
2013-01-03Drivers: media: remove __dev* attributes.Greg Kroah-Hartman8-23/+24
2012-12-21[media] davinci: vpbe: remove unused variable in vpbe_initialize()Wei Yongjun1-2/+0
2012-12-21[media] media: davinci: vpbe: return error code on error in vpbe_display_g_cr...Wei Yongjun1-2/+1
2012-12-21[media] media: davinci: vpbe: fix return value check in vpbe_display_reqbufs()Wei Yongjun1-2/+2
2012-12-21[media] media: davinci: vpbe: enable building of vpbe driver for DM355 and DM365Lad, Prabhakar2-18/+8
2012-12-21[media] davinci: vpbe: pass different platform names to handle different ip'sLad, Prabhakar4-34/+72
2012-12-21[media] davinci/vpss: add helper functions for setting hw paramsManjunath Hadli1-0/+32
2012-12-21[media] davinci: vpss: dm365: set vpss clk ctrlManjunath Hadli1-0/+15
2012-12-21[media] davinci: vpss: dm365: enable ISP registersManjunath Hadli1-1/+22
2012-12-21[media] v4l: Convert drivers to use monotonic timestampsSakari Ailus3-8/+5
2012-11-22[media] vpif_display: protect dma_queue by a spin_lockHans Verkuil1-2/+20
2012-11-22[media] vpif_capture: protect dma_queue by a spin_lockHans Verkuil1-3/+23
2012-11-22[media] davinci: vpif: fix return value check for vb2_dma_contig_init_ctx()Wei Yongjun2-4/+4
2012-11-22[media] davinci: vpif_display: fix return type check for v4l2_subdev_call()Wei Yongjun1-1/+1
2012-11-22[media] davinci: vpif_capture: fix return type check for v4l2_subdev_call()Wei Yongjun1-2/+2
2012-11-21[media] media:davinci: clk - {prepare/unprepare} for common clkMurali Karicheri5-16/+31
2012-11-21[media] media: davinci: vpbe: set device capabilitiesLad, Prabhakar1-3/+6
2012-11-21[media] media: davinci: vpbe: migrate driver to videobuf2Lad, Prabhakar2-120/+176
2012-11-21[media] media: davinci: vpbe: fix build warningLad, Prabhakar1-5/+4
2012-10-06[media] drivers/media/platform/davinci/vpbe.c: Remove unused label and rename...Peter Senna Tschudin1-13/+12
2012-10-06[media] drivers/media/platform/davinci/vpbe.c: Removes useless kfree()Peter Senna Tschudin1-1/+0
2012-10-05Merge branch 'samsung_platform_data' into staging/for_v3.7Mauro Carvalho Chehab1-1/+1
2012-10-05[media] media: davinci: vpif: set device capabilitiesLad, Prabhakar2-6/+10
2012-10-05[media] media: davinci: vpif: Add return code check at vb2_queue_init()Lad, Prabhakar2-4/+14
2012-10-05[media] media: davinci: vpif: display: separate out subdev from outputLad, Prabhakar1-30/+111
2012-10-05[media] davinci: move struct vpif_interface to chan_cfgHans Verkuil1-1/+1
2012-10-05[media] vpif_display: use a v4l2_subdev pointer to call a subdevHans Verkuil2-8/+10
2012-10-05[media] vpif_capture: separate subdev from inputHans Verkuil2-132/+113

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