path: root/drivers/media/platform/exynos4-is
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Disable debug trace by default in fimc-isp.cSylwester Nawrocki1-1/+1
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Remove meaningless test before bit settingSylwester Nawrocki1-31/+9
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Rename the ISP chain configuration data structureSylwester Nawrocki5-121/+121
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Improve the ISP chain parameter count calculationSylwester Nawrocki6-69/+34
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Make fimc-lite independent of struct fimc_sensor_infoSylwester Nawrocki4-43/+54
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Make fimc-lite independent of the pipeline->subdevs arraySylwester Nawrocki1-29/+28
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Move the subdev group ID definitions to public headerSylwester Nawrocki1-9/+0
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Ensure proper media pipeline state on device closeSylwester Nawrocki4-9/+29
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Correct input DMA YUV order configurationSylwester Nawrocki3-17/+18
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Allow colorspace conversion at FIMC-LITESylwester Nawrocki4-33/+59
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Use common driver data for all FIMC-LITE IP instancesSylwester Nawrocki2-28/+17
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Remove static driver data for Exynos4210 FIMC variantsSylwester Nawrocki1-35/+0
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Create media links for the FIMC-IS entitiesSylwester Nawrocki1-19/+60
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Add fimc-is subdevs registrationSylwester Nawrocki2-3/+47
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Add common FIMC-IS image sensor driverSylwester Nawrocki4-0/+420
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Add FIMC-IS parameter region definitionsSylwester Nawrocki2-0/+1977
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Add FIMC-IS ISP I2C bus driverSylwester Nawrocki2-0/+144
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Add Exynos4x12 FIMC-IS driverSylwester Nawrocki9-0/+3301
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Remove dependency on SYSCON for non-dt platformsSylwester Nawrocki4-3/+15
2013-04-01Merge tag 'v3.9-rc5' into patchworkMauro Carvalho Chehab4-26/+28
2013-03-31[media] s5p-fimc: Change the driver directory name to exynos4-isSylwester Nawrocki16-0/+10958

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