tag name0.20.7 (eafe14d33bb69e664b1cde1e37fcbac0069e7bd3)
tag date2018-12-23 16:13:49 -0200
tagged byMauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab+samsung@kernel.org>
tagged objectcommit c6aee27aff...
Bump to version 0.20.7
* Fix check if color control is available; * Add zoom control if available at the camera; * Ensure that window will take into account if a control is hidden at the main window's size; * Some improvements at the building system: use autotools version 1.16.1 and shows what Gtk version will be used; * Get rid of GCC specific pragmas; * Clean warnings when building with Gtk3 and Clang 7; * Cleanup the code by removing the glib-helpers.h header; * Properly handle "~" as directory name; * Take into account that Gtk4 3.94 will require a different render for the images (whose code is yet to be written); * Check if libv4l is present at configure time. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJcH9BhAAoJEAhfPr2O5OEVogYP/jEKrDN734psJJBMZwD5lkg4 acRQm5OW0WI/rHBegI1Rms1noLNQSrI6EWBINEjEIFP3pofwwA66pQ1/6AYgCuVa CwisAVD6T1n/qd57vK5sa/5c4BUxv92dXGZTE+xMRccJqBmbsegOAmS4wHaBlRJn 0CNs6Ykbz04oFUKLnTehfirTWRpTVQqyr8mIdfcRe3ROcaX26kS1KFPNeiPpqI0y fRHXbzI4Im9R4a74nh6vF9ymA6VOK9eXfFDbMuscW3AlEAgq9Y8E46UOY3/PCq3v S/wanoHWv+jER7E02Uenxtrmjfw0YjtynB0jt4/lVYdxYDbUtOT/UhEEMPEzNd4+ Zd55ikTlJypbGh15QYW5JxFuIVXqz2tSYUFcZ7o7NKm7nUD1N+IwCYePysRRQQnr mUs9wTisYvDKzB7VSkJUtfGbALdxsHgQLriIVk01flwOVK2aMWPGu0DDl0lx8Y3f +ufBeXmkUh3gZGnPb+06MUSsQ4JmgOqOO30Wvgt3QHBqoQmnx8+alleTYJzGvdE5 oh9zRT35+B728BxPMN2uOb67dA1URs6SEjqZMLlXL9locyDgl6M3ysoMsoID9KaZ geKtG0dhh81FbySLwTPkRFPW5Z45p++LRK8U49RGVaW214l27gXwkdHTEyv24KxT aJLNfKX4cEoz3o2VJlCp =qlns -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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