AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-03-28smatch_ranges: shut up bogus warningsHEADmasterMauro Carvalho Chehab1-1/+1
2019-03-28Provide more info on error reportsMauro Carvalho Chehab3-2/+9
2019-03-28check_missing_break: mask the resultsMauro Carvalho Chehab1-1/+1
2019-03-28smatch_slist: use a higher memory limitMauro Carvalho Chehab3-4/+7
2019-03-18mtag: delete unused get_mtag() functionDan Carpenter2-35/+0
2019-03-18param_to_mtag_data: get rid of get_mtag()Dan Carpenter1-23/+3
2019-03-18mtag_map: use expr_to_mtag_offset()Dan Carpenter1-9/+11
2019-03-18debug: use expr_to_mtag_offset()Dan Carpenter1-2/+3
2019-03-18mtag: tweak get_mtag_sval()Dan Carpenter1-3/+17
2019-03-18mtag: delete totally bogus get_deref_mtag()Dan Carpenter1-33/+0
2019-03-18mtag: delete uncalled remove_dereference() functionDan Carpenter1-11/+0
2019-03-18mtag: tweak how get_array_mtag_offset() worksDan Carpenter1-2/+3
2019-03-18mtag: delete uncalled get_mtag_addr_sval()Dan Carpenter2-6/+0
2019-03-18mtag: delete some dead codeDan Carpenter1-10/+0
2019-03-18mtag: remove unused get_mtag_offset()Dan Carpenter2-25/+0
2019-03-18math: remove the get_implied_value_low_overhead() functionDan Carpenter2-15/+1
2019-03-18mtag_data: re-write in terms of mtag/offsetDan Carpenter2-22/+12
2019-03-18mtag_data: improve looking up the mtag_data for "foo->bar"Dan Carpenter2-21/+49
2019-03-18mtag: remove duplicative codeDan Carpenter1-124/+0
2019-03-18mtag: push some mtag seed code (but don't enable it)Dan Carpenter2-15/+81
2019-03-18mtag: handle function pointers correctlyDan Carpenter3-7/+13
2019-03-18capped: stop marking everything as cappedDan Carpenter1-0/+2
2019-03-18capped: pointers can't be cappedDan Carpenter1-0/+3
2019-03-18db: mark some states as ignoreDan Carpenter2-0/+2
2019-03-15mtag: fix handling of arraysDan Carpenter1-3/+0
2019-03-15container_of: fix the validation testsDan Carpenter1-1/+1
2019-03-15implied: remove skip_implications againDan Carpenter2-9/+0
2019-03-15implied: make a timeout use usec instead of secondsDan Carpenter1-1/+1
2019-03-15integer_overflow: split some integer overflow handling into its own fileDan Carpenter4-43/+295
2019-03-15address: Use rl_binop() to calculate the offset into an arrayDan Carpenter2-0/+48
2019-03-15address: handle anonymous unions betterDan Carpenter1-0/+22
2019-03-15address: calculate bit types offsets betterDan Carpenter1-1/+10
2019-03-15math: handle __builtin_offsetof() betterDan Carpenter4-2/+69
2019-03-15extra: handle unmatched global variables betterDan Carpenter1-0/+16
2019-03-15extra: don't store HARD_MAX for known parametersDan Carpenter1-2/+4
2019-03-14param_used: don't save bogus dataDan Carpenter1-1/+1
2019-03-14container_of: re-write container_of()Dan Carpenter3-128/+127
2019-03-12helper: change how derefs are displayedDan Carpenter1-3/+3
2019-03-12math: allow some recursion in handle_address()Dan Carpenter1-6/+6
2019-03-12container_of: compare the symbols first of allDan Carpenter1-2/+5
2019-03-12container_of: export the get_container_name() functionDan Carpenter4-35/+73
2019-03-12mtag: update the mtag when it's set using a pointerDan Carpenter3-3/+23
2019-03-12math: handle array addressesDan Carpenter1-2/+19
2019-03-11address: unify the code paths a bitDan Carpenter1-33/+38
2019-03-11address: rename a variableDan Carpenter1-11/+11
2019-03-06free_strict: ignore untracked parametersDan Carpenter1-0/+33
2019-03-06db: don't print comparisons when a function returns a literalDan Carpenter1-5/+8
2019-03-06capped: handle assignments in the comparison betterDan Carpenter1-4/+11
2019-03-06extra: handle PARAM_ADD/SET betterDan Carpenter1-8/+7
2019-03-06implied: remove an unused variableDan Carpenter1-9/+3

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