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30 Aug 2003 Billy Biggs <vektor@dumbterm.net>
* tvtime/README.UPGRADING: More detailed information on the upgrade to tvtime 0.9.9 from previous versions. * tvtime/README: Updated to reflect differences in 0.9.9. * tvtime/Makefile.am: Added README.UPGRADING to the dist. * tvtime/AUTHORS: Added Robbie Viera, who donated tvtime.net !
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@@ -74,6 +74,9 @@ Authors and contributors
Merlin Ma <softlib@turbolinux.com.cn>
- Updates for China broadcast frequencies
+ Robbie Viera
+ - Donated the tvtime.net domain name! Thanks a ton Robbie!
Code we stole (well, used under the GPL)
Lots of stuff from DScaler
diff --git a/Makefile.am b/Makefile.am
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--- a/Makefile.am
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@@ -17,5 +17,5 @@
SUBDIRS = docs data plugins src
diff --git a/README b/README
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--- a/README
+++ b/README
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ videophiles.
o A super-slick on-screen-display for the complete television
- experience.
+ experience, with a featureful menu system.
o 2-3 Pulldown detection for optimal quality viewing of film content
from NTSC sources.
@@ -46,14 +46,17 @@ Contents
Detailed help, documentation, known bugs, and known hardware issues
can be found on the tvtime website:
- http://tvtime.ca/
+ http://tvtime.net/
2 How to configure your tvtime
-Run 'tvtime --help' to get a list of command line arguments. You can
-also save command line arguments to the config file using --saveoptions.
+Most everything in tvtime can be configured via the OSD menu system, hit <tab>
+or <F1> to get to the menu in tvtime. However, some settings must be
+configured on the command line. Run 'tvtime --help' to get a list of command
+line arguments. You can also save command line arguments to the config file
+using --saveoptions.
tvtime --saveoptions --norm=pal --frequencies=europe
@@ -65,76 +68,56 @@ configuration file and the default runtime keybindings.
3 An introduction to using tvtime
- General keys
- Quit Escape and q
- Channel up/down and fine tuning Arrow keys, vi movement keys
- Mouse wheel
- Previous channel Backspace
- Channel access Numbers + enter
- Display info Left Mouse Button
- Mute capture card m and Middle Mouse Button
- Volume Control (Line input) +/-
- Switch deinterlacer t
- Switch framerate =
- Toggle pulldown detection mode p
- Fullscreen toggle f
- Aspect ratio toggle a
- Take a screenshot s
- Change overscan compensation < and >
- Load next preset settings mode *
- Toggle channel norm (if compatible) n
- Video input keys
- Switch input (Tuner, S-Video, ...) i and Right Mouse Button
- Toggle audio mode (Stero, Mono, SAP) e
- Enable closed captions w
- Brightness/Contrast/Colour/Hue F1-F8
- Reset default colour settings Spacebar
- Show colourbars b
- Channel setup keys
- See below
+Here are the core set of key bindings you want to learn for using tvtime:
+ Escape or q Quit
+ F1 or tab Show menu
+ up/down Change channels
+ 0-9 and Enter Change channels
+ Backspace Jump to previous channel
+ i Change input
+ m Mute
+ +/- Volume control
+ f Fullscreen
+ s Take a screenshot
+ ? Display info
+ d Display debug statistics
+ Here are some advanced keys. These features are all configurable via
+the menu, but some of these may be useful if you use the features often:
+ left/right Channel finetuning
+ < / > Overscan setting
+ e Toggle audio mode (stereo/mono/SAP)
+ a Change output aspect ratio
+ r Renumber current channel
+ v Toggle always-on-top with supporting window managers
+ p Toggle pulldown detection (NTSC only)
+ t Change deinterlacer
+ = Change attempted output framerate
+ F5/F6/F7 Picture settings
+ c Toggle closed caption decoding (NTSC only)
+ ins Change matte mode
Commands can be sent to a running tvtime using the 'tvtime-command'
application. For example, 'tvtime-command channel_inc' to change
channel, or 'tvtime-command channel_1 channel_5 enter' to change to
-channel 15. Run 'tvtime-command' to get a list of commands.
+channel 15. Run 'tvtime-command' without arguments to get a list of
+available commands.
4 Setting up your channel list in tvtime
tvtime supports a channel scanner, channel renumbering, channel names,
-and a list of active channels for browsing. Below are the commands
-available for input bindings and through tvtime-command, along with
-their default key bindings.
+and a list of active channels for browsing. All of these features are
+available within the OSD menu system itself. Here we present some of
+the details for users that wish to configure their stations directly.
- Command reference:
- - Saves the current fine tuning settings as a custom channel in the
- station list.
- - Walks from the current position through the channel list,
- disabling any channels for which no signal is detected. This
- command is only available if signal checking is enabled.
- - Re-activates all channels in the list. Use this to re-initialize
- the channel list before running the scanner if you believe some
- channels are missing, or if new channels have become available.
- - Toggles the current channel as being active or disabled in the
- station list. You can use this to manually scan your channels and
- enable those with signal or disable duplicate stations.
- - Renumbers the current channel. This will swap the current channel
- with the number you type in. Use this to configure your station
- list to suit preference or locality.
+ For European users of cable providers that do not use standard
+frequencies, try out our new channel scanner, 'tvtime-scanner'. This
+outputs to the 'Custom' frequency table, selectable in the OSD menu.
4.1 stationlist.xml
@@ -153,7 +136,8 @@ Entries in a list are in the following form:
Band name Stations provided
--------- -----------------
- US Cable 1 - 125
+ US Cable 1 - 99
+ US Cable 100 100 - 125
US Two-Way T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12 T13, T14
US Broadcast 2 - 83
China Broadcast 1 - 68, A1 - A7, B1 - B31, C1 - C5
@@ -181,9 +165,7 @@ Entries in a list are in the following form:
tvtime still needs a method of editing channel names at runtime
-(should not be hard), a full frequency band scanner, and native
-support for the weird frequencies used by some cable providers
-such as UPC.
+(should not be hard).
5 Using tvtime in areas that receive both PAL and SECAM stations
@@ -191,8 +173,7 @@ such as UPC.
If you live in an area which receives stations in both PAL and SECAM
formats, no worries, tvtime can switch between norms on a per-channel
-basis. Use the 'n' key in tvtime to toggle the norm of the current
-channel. Your changes will be saved to the stationlist.xml file.
+basis. This feature is available in the OSD menu.
tvtime cannot currently remember norms per input, that is, you cannot
yet tell tvtime that your composite in is SECAM but your tuner input is
index 77fca94..1c8e1bf 100644
@@ -1,7 +1,28 @@
-Here is where we list important differences
-between tvtime versions.
+This file contains important messages about upgrading tvtime.
Upgrading to tvtime 0.9
+tvtime 0.9 is a big step from previous versions. Because of this,
+we have made some incompatible change that may cause difficulty for
+some users. While we believe that the changes made are reasonable,
+we are curious to know your thoughts and opinions.
+ 1. Keybindings have changed, and we have a menu.
+ The default key bindings have changed significantly. We recommend
+ that users start over by deleting their config files, and
+ reconfiguring tvtime from scratch. Feedback on how easy tvtime is
+ to configure with the new menu would be greatly appreciated.
+ 2. Some of the stationlist management policy has changed.
+ The stationlist will now disallow multiple channels with the same
+ frequency, even if they have different names. We think this is a
+ good thing, but in some cases, it may mean that old stationlist.xml
+ files could lose some channels for European users. If you have
+ spent a long time editing your stationlist.xml file, make a backup
+ and try tvtime in verbose mode first and make sure none of your
+ channels are missing.

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