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20 Jun 2004 Billy Biggs <vektor@dumbterm.net>
* tvtime/ChangeLog: Update changelog for 0.9.13, note removal of the output drivers and rvr code. * tvtime/NEWS: First shot at updating NEWS. * tvtime/INSTALL: Remove references to SDL and DirectFB. * tvtime/docs/tvtime.1: Remove the -D command line parameter docs. * tvtime/docs/tvtime-configure.1: Ibid. * tvtime/docs/html/default.tvtime.xml: Remove the output driver docs.
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-Copyright (C) 2003 Billy Biggs.
+Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Billy Biggs.
This file is free documentation; Billy Biggs gives unlimited permission to
copy, distribute and modify it.
@@ -38,19 +38,6 @@ configuration files, and /usr/share/... for icons and menu entries.
<enter password>
/home/user/tvtime-0.9.12# make install
-Compiling without SDL or DirectFB support
-tvtime has two optional dependencies for two special output layers,
-namely DirectFB and SDL. In some circumstances it may be necessary to
-compile tvtime without these dependencies, for example, if you are
-packaging tvtime for a distribution that does not ship with either SDL
-or DirectFB. To do this, simply use the options --without-sdl and
---without-directfb as follows:
- ~/tvtime-0.9.12$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc \
- --without-sdl --without-directfb
Compiling with optimized CFLAGS

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