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authorvektor <devnull@localhost>2003-05-02 03:36:22 +0000
committervektor <devnull@localhost>2003-05-02 03:36:22 +0000
commit297fda8a4273b6481713cb01cb4fe6297684eba7 (patch)
tree2e42479627a08c6c27af7547e5f1ed18defe7fff /src/osdtools.h
parent0e51ff8367ef19ebb30113de932926b62dc1b46b (diff)
* osdtools.h: Added some documentation.
* osdtools.c: Made the string object more intelligent: it only renders if the text has actually changed. This will speed us up if we continue to use it as we do.
Diffstat (limited to 'src/osdtools.h')
1 files changed, 13 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/src/osdtools.h b/src/osdtools.h
index e42c663..89771f4 100644
--- a/src/osdtools.h
+++ b/src/osdtools.h
@@ -38,9 +38,8 @@ typedef enum OSD_Shapes_e {
} OSD_Shape;
- * Creates a new string with the given truetype font at the given point size.
- * I don't understand point size vs pixel size, so, uh, whatever. Maybe it's
- * just pixel height I have no clue.
+ * Creates a new string with the given truetype font at the given size.
+ * Font size is in pixels.
* Right now we require the video width, height, and the aspect ratio.
* Eventually I'll just take one parameter: pixel aspect, which would
@@ -51,21 +50,31 @@ osd_font_t *osd_font_new( const char *fontfile, int fontsize,
double video_aspect );
void osd_font_delete( osd_font_t *font );
+ * Creates a new string for a given font, with a given maximum width
+ * that it will be asked to render to (for its back buffer).
+ */
osd_string_t *osd_string_new( osd_font_t *font, int video_width );
void osd_string_delete( osd_string_t *osds );
+ * Asks for the given text to be shown. If the text given matches our
+ * current back buffer, it will not be re-rendered. The maximum size of
+ * a string is 256 characters.
+ */
void osd_string_show_text( osd_string_t *osds, const char *text, int timeout );
int osd_string_visible( osd_string_t *osds );
int osd_string_get_width( osd_string_t *osds );
int osd_string_get_height( osd_string_t *osds );
void osd_string_set_hold( osd_string_t *osds, int hold );
void osd_string_set_timeout( osd_string_t *osds, int timeout );
+int osd_string_get_frames_left( osd_string_t *osds );
void osd_string_set_colour( osd_string_t *osds, int luma, int cb, int cr );
void osd_string_set_colour_rgb( osd_string_t *osds, int r, int g, int b );
void osd_string_show_border( osd_string_t *osds, int show_border );
void osd_string_set_border_colour( osd_string_t *osds, int luma,
int cb, int cr );
void osd_string_advance_frame( osd_string_t *osds );
-int osd_string_get_frames_left( osd_string_t *osds );
* Composites a scanline of the string on top of the background and writes to

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