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+Notes about tvtime from CVS
+1. Run the autogen.sh to generate everything. This will
+ run configure. It's all good.
+2. If autogen.sh fails, then you likely have an old
+ version of something.
+3. You will need automake more recent than 1.4, I think.
+ In debian I had to do 'apt-get install automake1.7' (or 1.6)
+ and I did update-alternatives --config automake at taaz'
+ suggestion to select automake 1.7.
+4. You cannot use autoconf2.13, I don't think. Use 2.52
+ or better I think is the requirement.
+If you don't like any of that, well I don't feel all that
+inclined to revert back to old versions of autoconf or automake,
+since the only people this affects are those who run from CVS.
+When we start building regular betas it should be a bit better.
+Thoughts? If something is wrong, please submit a bug report:

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