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2003-09-2122 Sep 2003 Per von Zweigbergk <pvz@e.kth.se>pv2b1-1/+1
* tvtime/.cvsignore: Added tvtime-*.tar.gz (as made by 'make dist') * tvtime/po/.cvsignore: Added remove-potcdate.sed (autogenerated)
2003-09-18More autoconf stuff. At least i think "compile" belongs to autoconf.pv2b1-0/+1
Either way it's autogenerated and has no business being in CVS.
2002-10-26Silly update to cvsignore.vektor1-2/+2
2002-10-26Crappy autoconf spills files everywhere.vektor1-0/+2
2002-10-25Updates to the .cvsignore for the boring autoconf stuff.vektor1-0/+18
2002-10-21fixed aspect ratio of osd graphics.drbell1-0/+1
added tvtimeosd object for a channel logo.
2002-10-09Added a simple app so I can test the speed of the deinterlacing routinevektor1-0/+1
reasonably objectively.
2002-10-08Initial revisionvektor1-0/+4

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