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2003-02-27Binary RPM will no longer contain freefont source.rascasse1-1/+6
2003-02-270.9.7 Initial public release.0.9.7 Initial public release.0.9.7 Initial publi...rascasse1-13/+15
2003-02-26Removed cvstvtime as its fairly unnecessary. Fixed my e-mail address in the ...rascasse2-38/+3
2003-02-25tvtimerc.5 sync'd to default.tvtimerc. RPM updated and is pretty much ready ...rascasse1-4/+8
2003-02-24Menu entries are now created properly (RH8+ only), as well as man pages.rascasse2-24/+37
2003-02-24Now creates menu entry on RedHat 8.0+ systems and is a bit more standardized.rascasse1-11/+31
2003-02-23First draft of a RedHat RPM spec file for upcoming 0.9.7 release.rascasse1-0/+51
2003-02-23Moved RedHat-specific files from docs to redhat to clean things up a bit.rascasse2-0/+71

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