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-For lirc support you have to install lirc-0.6.0pre1 or newer. There
-is a library with the lirc client code now. You can get it from the
-lirc snapshot directory:
- http://fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de/~columbus/lirc/software/snapshots/
+Starting with version 3.70 xawtv + friends do _not_ read $HOME/.lircrc
+any more.
-xawtv and fbtv accept the same commands via lirc as with xawtv-remote,
-i.e. if you stick the following lines into your .lircrc ...
+Check the xawtvrc manpage ([eventmap] section) for hints on
+configuring lirc support. There is a default configuration througth,
+so lirc should work out-of-the-box. You have to touch the
+$HOME/.xawtv config file only if you don't like my defaults.
- begin
- prog = xawtv
- button = MUTE
- config = volume mute
- end
-... this should have the same effect like "xawtv-remote volume mute".
-Check the xawtv-remote manpage for a more complete list. A sample
-config file is in the contrib directory.
+Have fun,

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