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+About adding new lists here ...
+ (1) Check that there isn't already a list which works for you. Often
+ the same frequency lists are used in multiple countries, so you
+ can try if one of some other country near to you works.
+ (2) A reason for tuning not working (or not fully working, i.e. fails
+ for some frequency ranges) also might be that the tuner
+ configuration of the device driver isn't correct. Try to fix
+ your setup first instead of trying to create a new list which is
+ bug-compatible to your broken setup.
+ (3) There are some lists for common stuff. The UHF channels are in
+ uhf.list for example. You can simply #include these. That will
+ save you some typing work and also makes the lists more readable.
+ (4) Giving some reference (URL to your cable provider for example) for
+ the new list highly increases the chance of getting this included.

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