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xawtv - a X11 program for watching TV
-.B xawtv [ options ]
+.B xawtv [ options ] [ station name ]
.B xawtv
is a simple program for watching TV with your linux box. It uses the
@@ -21,12 +21,6 @@ force xawtv into
.B depth
bits color depth. Might be needed for 24/32 bits.
-.B -c n
-startup with station
-.B n
-tuned in (0 is the first one from $HOME/.xawtv,
-1 the second, ...)
.B -f
startup in fullscreen mode.
@@ -49,6 +43,9 @@ may be 0 (default), 1 or 2. It exists just for debugging.
.B -x
disable the usage of XFree extenions (DGA, VidMode).
+.B -g device
+video4linux device (default is /dev/video).
Just start up xawtv, this will work without a config file too. Then
check out the options (right mouse button) and adjust the settings
@@ -74,10 +71,12 @@ Ctrl+J Grab picture (window size, jpeg)
O Popup Options Window
C Popup Channels Window
Z Channel Hopping (tune in every station a few seconds)
+Ctrl+Z Fast Channel Hopping (grab the images for the Channel Window)
-up+down tune up/down one channel
-left+right fine tuning
+up/down tune up/down one channel
+left/right fine tuning
pgup/pgdown station up/down
+Ctrl+up scan for next station
ESC,Q Exit

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