README for "libdvbpsi"


The libdvbpsi is part of the VideoLAN project, a full MPEG2
client/server solution. The libdvbpsi can also be used with extra
programs that need DVB and PSI decoders and generators.

The VideoLAN team decided to write the libdvbpsi to make the VideoLAN
Client and the VideoLAN Server capable of demultiplexing a satellite
DVB stream. The library aims at making it easy to decode PSI tables
(such as PAT, PMT etc.) present in a TS/DVB stream.

Building, Installing and Using "libdvbpsi"

See the INSTALL file for this.


A mailing-list has been set up for discussion about the libdvbpsi:
libdvbpsi-devel. SVN mails are sent to this list. More information on
VideoLAN website: http://www.videolan.org/

Coding Style
Some notes on the preferred coding style is:
- 4 spaces indentation (no tabs)
- indent '{' and '}' on the same column as the 'if', eg:
  if (...)
- function declarations always start in the first column
- indexes for loops should be declared in the loop declaration, eg:
  for (int i = 0; i < max; i++)


The VideoLAN web site at http://www.videolan.org/ is a good start for
information about MPEG and DVD playing. Have a look at the documentation
section, as well as the bookmarks.

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