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2008-07-26V4L/DVB (8482): videodev: move all ioctl callbacks to a new v4l2_ioctl_ops st...Hans Verkuil1-44/+48
2008-07-26V4L/DVB (8462): cx18: Lock the aux PLL to the video pixle rate for analog cap...Andy Walls1-10/+70
2008-07-26V4L/DVB (8461): cx18: Fix 32 kHz audio sample output rate for analog tuner SI...Andy Walls1-12/+29
2008-07-23V4L/DVB (8430): videodev: move some functions from v4l2-dev.h to v4l2-common....Hans Verkuil1-0/+1
2008-07-23V4L/DVB (8428): videodev: rename 'dev' to 'parent'Hans Verkuil1-1/+1
2008-07-23V4L/DVB (8423): cx18: remove firmware size checkHans Verkuil1-41/+13
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8414): videodev/cx18: fix get_index bug and error-handling lock-upsHans Verkuil1-1/+3
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8378): cx18: move cx18_av_vbi_setup to av-core.c and rename to cx18_...Hans Verkuil3-145/+147
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8377): ivtv/cx18: ensure the default control values are correctHans Verkuil2-0/+6
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8332): cx18: Suport external reset of the Z8F0811 IR controller on H...Andy Walls5-0/+54
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8331): cx18: Add locking for struct cx18 GPIO state variablesAndy Walls4-2/+17
2008-07-20v4l-dvb: remove legacy checks to allow support for kernels < 2.6.10Hans Verkuil2-6/+0
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8189): cx18: Use correct GPIO pin for resetting Xceive 3028 tuner on...Andy Walls1-2/+2
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8188): cx18: Add missing reset recovery delay in cx18-i2c.cAndy Walls1-0/+1
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8169): cx18: enable TS supportHans Verkuil1-1/+1
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8168): cx18: Upgrade to newer firmware & update cx18 documentation.Hans Verkuil1-1/+1
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8167): cx18: set correct audio inputs for tuner and line-in 2.Hans Verkuil9-29/+47
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8165): cx18: fix v4l-cx23418-dig.fw firmware load.Hans Verkuil1-26/+44
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8164): cx18/ivtv: choose a better initial TV standard for cards with...Hans Verkuil1-0/+6
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8162): cx18: fix PAL/SECAM supportHans Verkuil3-92/+17
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8114): cx18: Improve Raptor card audio input routing defintionsAndy Walls1-7/+10
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8113): ivtv/cx18: remove s/g_ctrl, now all controls are handled thro...Hans Verkuil3-16/+31
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8111): ivtv/cx18: fix compile error when CONFIG_VIDEO_ADV_DEBUG is n...Hans Verkuil1-19/+23
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8107): cx18: improve support for the Raptor board.Hans Verkuil2-0/+6
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8106): ivtv/cx18: improve tuner std check in card definitions.Hans Verkuil1-2/+2
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8105): cx2341x: add TS capabilityHans Verkuil1-1/+3
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8104): cx18/ivtv: ioctl debugging improvementsHans Verkuil3-95/+12
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8093): cx18: fix prefix typoHans Verkuil1-2/+2
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8091): cx18: show GPIO pins when VIDIOC_LOG_STATUS is called.Hans Verkuil1-0/+2
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8089): cx18: add support for Conexant Raptor PAL/SECAM cardSri Deevi7-3/+122
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8087): cx18: make sure all v4l2_format fields are filled inHans Verkuil1-19/+25
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8086): ivtv/cx18: fix video_temporal_filter handlingHans Verkuil1-4/+0
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8084): ivtv/cx18: remove unnecessary memsets & KERNEL_VERSION testsHans Verkuil1-4/+0
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (8082): cx18: convert to video_ioctl2()Andy Walls6-689/+745
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (7924): ivtv/cx18: snprintf fixesJean Delvare1-1/+1
2008-07-10Fix a const pointer error in the Conexant cx23418 MPEG encoder driverDavid Howells1-1/+1
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8069): cx18: Fix S-Video and Compsite inputs for the Yuan MPC718 and...Andy Walls1-11/+14
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8068): cx18: Add I2C slave reset via GPIO upon initializationAndy Walls5-2/+47
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8067): cx18: Fix firmware load for case when digital capture happens...Andy Walls1-1/+16
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8066): cx18: Fix audio mux input definitions for HVR-1600 Line In 2 ...Andy Walls1-4/+4
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8063): cx18: Fix unintended auto configurations in cx18-av-coreAndy Walls2-8/+73
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8061): cx18: only select tuner / frontend modules if !DVB_FE_CUSTOMISEMichael Krufky1-2/+2
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8008): cx18: remove duplicate audio and video input enumsHans Verkuil2-70/+31
2008-06-26V4L/DVB (8007): cx18/cx25840: the S-Video LUMA input can use all In1-In8 inputsHans Verkuil2-2/+6
2008-06-05V4L/DVB (7978): cx18: explicitly test for XC2028 tunerHans Verkuil1-1/+1
2008-06-05V4L/DVB (7977): cx18: fix init order and remove duplicate open_on_first_use.Hans Verkuil1-12/+10
2008-06-05V4L/DVB (7966): cx18: direct dereferencing of iomemAl Viro1-4/+6
2008-06-05V4L/DVB (7964): cx18 iomem annotationsAl Viro6-12/+13
2008-06-05V4L/DVB (7934): cx18: move gpio_dir/val statics to the cx18 struct.Hans Verkuil2-15/+18
2008-06-05V4L/DVB (7932): cx18: mark Compro H900 as fully supported.Hans Verkuil1-2/+2

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