path: root/drivers/tty/tty_port.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-03-18tty: Complete ownership transfer of flip buffersPeter Hurley1-0/+1
2013-03-18TTY: fix close of uninitialised portsJohan Hovold1-8/+10
2013-03-18TTY: clean up port drain-delay handlingJohan Hovold1-11/+16
2013-03-18TTY: fix DTR not being dropped on hang upJohan Hovold1-12/+15
2013-03-18TTY: fix DTR being raised on hang upJohan Hovold1-1/+1
2013-03-18TTY: wake up processes last at hangupJohan Hovold1-1/+1
2013-03-18TTY: clean up port shutdownJohan Hovold1-2/+7
2013-03-18TTY: add tty_port_tty_hangup helperJiri Slaby1-0/+17
2013-03-18TTY: add tty_port_tty_wakeup helperJiri Slaby1-0/+16
2012-11-15TTY: introduce tty_port_destroyJiri Slaby1-1/+15
2012-11-15TTY: pty, fix tty buffers leakJiri Slaby1-1/+1
2012-10-22TTY: move tty buffers to tty_portJiri Slaby1-0/+2
2012-09-06tty_register_device_attr updated for tty-nextTomas Hlavacek1-0/+24
2012-08-13TTY: add tty_port_link_deviceJiri Slaby1-1/+21
2012-08-13TTY: tty_port, add some documentationJiri Slaby1-0/+21
2012-08-10tty: localise the lockAlan Cox1-3/+3
2012-07-16tty: move the termios object into the ttyAlan Cox1-3/+3
2012-07-16tty: revert incorrectly applied lock patchAlan Cox1-3/+3
2012-07-06tty: localise the lockAlan Cox1-3/+3
2012-06-13TTY: add tty_port_register_device helperJiri Slaby1-0/+9
2012-06-13TTY: provide drivers with tty_port_installJiri Slaby1-0/+8
2012-06-02tty: Revert the tty locking series, it needs more workLinus Torvalds1-3/+3
2012-05-04tty_lock: Localise the lockAlan Cox1-3/+3
2012-01-24TTY: fix UV serial console regressionJiri Slaby1-5/+7
2011-08-25TTY: use tty_wait_until_sent_from_close in tty_port_close_startJiri Slaby1-1/+1
2010-11-05TTY: create drivers/tty and move the tty core files thereGreg Kroah-Hartman1-0/+446

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