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Merge tag 'v3.17' into next
Synchronize with mainline to bring in changes to Synaptics and i8042 drivers.
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@@ -11,10 +11,17 @@ Required properties:
Optional properties for main touchpad device:
-- linux,gpio-keymap: An array of up to 4 entries indicating the Linux
- keycode generated by each GPIO. Linux keycodes are defined in
+- linux,gpio-keymap: When enabled, the SPT_GPIOPWN_T19 object sends messages
+ on GPIO bit changes. An array of up to 8 entries can be provided
+ indicating the Linux keycode mapped to each bit of the status byte,
+ starting at the LSB. Linux keycodes are defined in
+ Note: the numbering of the GPIOs and the bit they start at varies between
+ maXTouch devices. You must either refer to the documentation, or
+ experiment to determine which bit corresponds to which input. Use
+ KEY_RESERVED for unused padding values.
touch@4b {

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