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Works. Use "Insert file..." or external editor.
+Gmail (Web GUI)
+If you just have to use Gmail to send patches, it CAN be made to work. It
+requires a bit of external help, though.
+The first problem is that Gmail converts tabs to spaces. This will
+totally break your patches. To prevent this, you have to use a different
+editor. There is a firefox extension called "ViewSourceWith"
+(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/394) which allows you to
+edit any text box in the editor of your choice. Configure it to launch
+your favorite editor. When you want to send a patch, use this technique.
+Once you have crafted your messsage + patch, save and exit the editor,
+which should reload the Gmail edit box. GMAIL WILL PRESERVE THE TABS.
+Hoorah. Apparently you can cut-n-paste literal tabs, but Gmail will
+convert those to spaces upon sending!
+The second problem is that Gmail converts tabs to spaces on replies. If
+you reply to a patch, don't expect to be able to apply it as a patch.
+The last problem is that Gmail will base64-encode any message that has a
+non-ASCII character. That includes things like European names. Be aware.
+Gmail is not convenient for lkml patches, but CAN be made to work.

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