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+ Index of Documentation for People Interested in Writing and/or
+ Understanding the Linux Kernel.
+ Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche <jmseyas@dit.upm.es>
+ * The latest version of this document may be found at:
+ * http://www.dit.upm.es/~jmseyas/linux/kernel/hackers-docs.html
+ */
+ The need for a document like this one became apparent in the
+ linux-kernel mailing list as the same questions, asking for pointers
+ to information, appeared again and again.
+ Fortunately, as more and more people get to GNU/Linux, more and more
+ get interested in the Kernel. But reading the sources is not always
+ enough. It is easy to understand the code, but miss the concepts, the
+ philosophy and design decisions behind this code.
+ Unfortunately, not many documents are available for beginners to
+ start. And, even if they exist, there was no "well-known" place which
+ kept track of them. These lines try to cover this lack. All documents
+ available on line known by the author are listed, while some reference
+ books are also mentioned.
+ PLEASE, if you know any paper not listed here or write a new document,
+ send me an e-mail, and I'll include a reference to it here. Any
+ corrections, ideas or comments are also welcomed.
+ The papers that follow are listed in no particular order. All are
+ cataloged with the following fields: the document's "Title", the
+ "Author"/s, the "URL" where they can be found, some "Keywords" helpful
+ when searching for specific topics, and a brief "Description" of the
+ Document.
+ Enjoy!
+ * Title: "Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition"
+ Author: Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, Greg Kroah-Hartman
+ URL: http://lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3/
+ Description: A 600-page book covering the (2.6.10) driver
+ programming API and kernel hacking in general. Available under the
+ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.
+ * Title: "The Linux Kernel"
+ Author: David A. Rusling.
+ URL: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/tlk/tlk.html
+ Keywords: everything!, book.
+ Description: On line, 200 pages book describing most aspects of
+ the Linux Kernel. Probably, the first reference for beginners.
+ Lots of illustrations explaining data structures use and
+ relationships in the purest Richard W. Stevens' style. Contents:
+ "1.-Hardware Basics, 2.-Software Basics, 3.-Memory Management,
+ 4.-Processes, 5.-Interprocess Communication Mechanisms, 6.-PCI,
+ 7.-Interrupts and Interrupt Handling, 8.-Device Drivers, 9.-The
+ File system, 10.-Networks, 11.-Kernel Mechanisms, 12.-Modules,
+ 13.-The Linux Kernel Sources, A.-Linux Data Structures, B.-The
+ Alpha AXP Processor, C.-Useful Web and FTP Sites, D.-The GNU
+ General Public License, Glossary". In short: a must have.
+ * Title: "The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide"
+ Author: Michael K.Johnson and others.
+ URL: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/khg/HyperNews/get/khg.html
+ Keywords: everything!
+ Description: No more Postscript book-like version. Only HTML now.
+ Many people have contributed. The interface is similar to web
+ available mailing lists archives. You can find some articles and
+ then some mails asking questions about them and/or complementing
+ previous contributions. A little bit anarchic in this aspect, but
+ with some valuable information in some cases.
+ * Title: "Conceptual Architecture of the Linux Kernel"
+ Author: Ivan T. Bowman.
+ URL: http://plg.uwaterloo.ca/~itbowman/papers/CS746G-a1.html
+ Keywords: conceptual software arquitecture, extracted design,
+ reverse engineering, system structure.
+ Description: Conceptual software arquitecture of the Linux kernel,
+ automatically extracted from the source code. Very detailed. Good
+ figures. Gives good overall kernel understanding.
+ * Title: "Concrete Architecture of the Linux Kernel"
+ Author: Ivan T. Bowman, Saheem Siddiqi, and Meyer C. Tanuan.
+ URL: http://plg.uwaterloo.ca/~itbowman/papers/CS746G-a2.html
+ Keywords: concrete arquitecture, extracted design, reverse
+ engineering, system structure, dependencies.
+ Description: Concrete arquitecture of the Linux kernel,
+ automatically extracted from the source code. Very detailed. Good
+ figures. Gives good overall kernel understanding. This papers
+ focus on lower details than its predecessor (files, variables...).
+ * Title: "Linux as a Case Study: Its Extracted Software
+ Architecture"
+ Author: Ivan T. Bowman, Richard C. Holt and Neil V. Brewster.
+ URL: http://plg.uwaterloo.ca/~itbowman/papers/linuxcase.html
+ Keywords: software architecture, architecture recovery,
+ redocumentation.
+ Description: Paper appeared at ICSE'99, Los Angeles, May 16-22,
+ 1999. A mixture of the previous two documents from the same
+ author.
+ * Title: "Overview of the Virtual File System"
+ Author: Richard Gooch.
+ URL: http://www.atnf.csiro.au/~rgooch/linux/vfs.txt
+ Keywords: VFS, File System, mounting filesystems, opening files,
+ dentries, dcache.
+ Description: Brief introduction to the Linux Virtual File System.
+ What is it, how it works, operations taken when opening a file or
+ mounting a file system and description of important data
+ structures explaining the purpose of each of their entries.
+ * Title: "The Linux RAID-1, 4, 5 Code"
+ Author: Ingo Molnar, Gadi Oxman and Miguel de Icaza.
+ URL: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue44/2391.html
+ Keywords: RAID, MD driver.
+ Description: Linux Journal Kernel Korner article. Here is it's
+ abstract: "A description of the implementation of the RAID-1,
+ RAID-4 and RAID-5 personalities of the MD device driver in the
+ Linux kernel, providing users with high performance and reliable,
+ secondary-storage capability using software".
+ * Title: "Dynamic Kernels: Modularized Device Drivers"
+ Author: Alessandro Rubini.
+ URL: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue23/1219.html
+ Keywords: device driver, module, loading/unloading modules,
+ allocating resources.
+ Description: Linux Journal Kernel Korner article. Here is it's
+ abstract: "This is the first of a series of four articles
+ co-authored by Alessandro Rubini and Georg Zezchwitz which present
+ a practical approach to writing Linux device drivers as kernel
+ loadable modules. This installment presents an introduction to the
+ topic, preparing the reader to understand next month's
+ installment".
+ * Title: "Dynamic Kernels: Discovery"
+ Author: Alessandro Rubini.
+ URL: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue24/1220.html
+ Keywords: character driver, init_module, clean_up module,
+ autodetection, mayor number, minor number, file operations,
+ open(), close().
+ Description: Linux Journal Kernel Korner article. Here is it's
+ abstract: "This article, the second of four, introduces part of
+ the actual code to create custom module implementing a character
+ device driver. It describes the code for module initialization and
+ cleanup, as well as the open() and close() system calls".
+ * Title: "The Devil's in the Details"
+ Author: Georg v. Zezschwitz and Alessandro Rubini.
+ URL: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue25/1221.html
+ Keywords: read(), write(), select(), ioctl(), blocking/non
+ blocking mode, interrupt handler.
+ Description: Linux Journal Kernel Korner article. Here is it's
+ abstract: "This article, the third of four on writing character
+ device drivers, introduces concepts of reading, writing, and using
+ ioctl-calls".
+ * Title: "Dissecting Interrupts and Browsing DMA"
+ Author: Alessandro Rubini and Georg v. Zezschwitz.
+ URL: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue26/1222.html
+ Keywords: interrupts, irqs, DMA, bottom halves, task queues.
+ Description: Linux Journal Kernel Korner article. Here is it's
+ abstract: "This is the fourth in a series of articles about
+ writing character device drivers as loadable kernel modules. This
+ month, we further investigate the field of interrupt handling.
+ Though it is conceptually simple, practical limitations and
+ constraints make this an ``interesting'' part of device driver
+ writing, and several different facilities have been provided for
+ different situations. We also investigate the complex topic of
+ DMA".
+ * Title: "Device Drivers Concluded"
+ Author: Georg v. Zezschwitz.
+ URL: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue28/1287.html
+ Keywords: address spaces, pages, pagination, page management,
+ demand loading, swapping, memory protection, memory mapping, mmap,
+ virtual memory areas (VMAs), vremap, PCI.
+ Description: Finally, the above turned out into a five articles
+ series. This latest one's introduction reads: "This is the last of
+ five articles about character device drivers. In this final
+ section, Georg deals with memory mapping devices, beginning with
+ an overall description of the Linux memory management concepts".
+ * Title: "Network Buffers And Memory Management"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue30/1312.html
+ Keywords: sk_buffs, network devices, protocol/link layer
+ variables, network devices flags, transmit, receive,
+ configuration, multicast.
+ Description: Linux Journal Kernel Korner. Here is the abstract:
+ "Writing a network device driver for Linux is fundamentally
+ simple---most of the complexity (other than talking to the
+ hardware) involves managing network packets in memory".
+ * Title: "Writing Linux Device Drivers"
+ Author: Michael K. Johnson.
+ URL: http://people.redhat.com/johnsonm/devices.html
+ Keywords: files, VFS, file operations, kernel interface, character
+ vs block devices, I/O access, hardware interrupts, DMA, access to
+ user memory, memory allocation, timers.
+ Description: Introductory 50-minutes (sic) tutorial on writing
+ device drivers. 12 pages written by the same author of the "Kernel
+ Hackers' Guide" which give a very good overview of the topic.
+ * Title: "The Venus kernel interface"
+ Author: Peter J. Braam.
+ URL:
+ http://www.coda.cs.cmu.edu/doc/html/kernel-venus-protocol.html
+ Keywords: coda, filesystem, venus, cache manager.
+ Description: "This document describes the communication between
+ Venus and kernel level file system code needed for the operation
+ of the Coda filesystem. This version document is meant to describe
+ the current interface (version 1.0) as well as improvements we
+ envisage".
+ * Title: "Programming PCI-Devices under Linux"
+ Author: Claus Schroeter.
+ URL:
+ ftp://ftp.llp.fu-berlin.de/pub/linux/LINUX-LAB/whitepapers/pcip.ps
+ .gz
+ Keywords: PCI, device, busmastering.
+ Description: 6 pages tutorial on PCI programming under Linux.
+ Gives the basic concepts on the architecture of the PCI subsystem,
+ as long as basic functions and macros to read/write the devices
+ and perform busmastering.
+ * Title: "Writing Character Device Driver for Linux"
+ Author: R. Baruch and C. Schroeter.
+ URL:
+ ftp://ftp.llp.fu-berlin.de/pub/linux/LINUX-LAB/whitepapers/drivers
+ .ps.gz
+ Keywords: character device drivers, I/O, signals, DMA, accessing
+ ports in user space, kernel environment.
+ Description: 68 pages paper on writing character drivers. A little
+ bit old (1.993, 1.994) although still useful.
+ * Title: "Design and Implementation of the Second Extended
+ Filesystem"
+ Author: Rémy Card, Theodore Ts'o, Stephen Tweedie.
+ URL: http://web.mit.edu/tytso/www/linux/ext2intro.html
+ Keywords: ext2, linux fs history, inode, directory, link, devices,
+ VFS, physical structure, performance, benchmarks, ext2fs library,
+ ext2fs tools, e2fsck.
+ Description: Paper written by three of the top ext2 hackers.
+ Covers Linux filesystems history, ext2 motivation, ext2 features,
+ design, physical structure on disk, performance, benchmarks,
+ e2fsck's passes description... A must read!
+ Notes: This paper was first published in the Proceedings of the
+ First Dutch International Symposium on Linux, ISBN 90-367-0385-9.
+ * Title: "Analysis of the Ext2fs structure"
+ Author: Louis-Dominique Dubeau.
+ URL: http://step.polymtl.ca/~ldd/ext2fs/ext2fs_toc.html
+ Keywords: ext2, filesystem, ext2fs.
+ Description: Description of ext2's blocks, directories, inodes,
+ bitmaps, invariants...
+ * Title: "Journaling the Linux ext2fs Filesystem"
+ Author: Stephen C. Tweedie.
+ URL:
+ ftp://ftp.uk.linux.org/pub/linux/sct/fs/jfs/journal-design.ps.gz
+ Keywords: ext3, journaling.
+ Description: Excellent 8-pages paper explaining the journaling
+ capabilities added to ext2 by the author, showing different
+ problems faced and the alternatives chosen.
+ * Title: "Kernel API changes from 2.0 to 2.2"
+ Author: Richard Gooch.
+ URL:
+ http://www.atnf.csiro.au/~rgooch/linux/docs/porting-to-2.2.html
+ Keywords: 2.2, changes.
+ Description: Kernel functions/structures/variables which changed
+ from 2.0.x to 2.2.x.
+ * Title: "Kernel API changes from 2.2 to 2.4"
+ Author: Richard Gooch.
+ URL:
+ http://www.atnf.csiro.au/~rgooch/linux/docs/porting-to-2.4.html
+ Keywords: 2.4, changes.
+ Description: Kernel functions/structures/variables which changed
+ from 2.2.x to 2.4.x.
+ * Title: "Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide"
+ Author: Ori Pomerantz.
+ URL: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/lkmpg/mpg.html
+ Keywords: modules, GPL book, /proc, ioctls, system calls,
+ interrupt handlers .
+ Description: Very nice 92 pages GPL book on the topic of modules
+ programming. Lots of examples.
+ * Title: "Device File System (devfs) Overview"
+ Author: Richard Gooch.
+ URL: http://www.atnf.csiro.au/~rgooch/linux/docs/devfs.txt
+ Keywords: filesystem, /dev, devfs, dynamic devices, major/minor
+ allocation, device management.
+ Description: Document describing Richard Gooch's controversial
+ devfs, which allows for dynamic devices, only shows present
+ devices in /dev, gets rid of major/minor numbers allocation
+ problems, and allows for hundreds of identical devices (which some
+ USB systems might demand soon).
+ * Title: "I/O Event Handling Under Linux"
+ Author: Richard Gooch.
+ URL: http://www.atnf.csiro.au/~rgooch/linux/docs/io-events.html
+ Keywords: IO, I/O, select(2), poll(2), FDs, aio_read(2), readiness
+ event queues.
+ Description: From the Introduction: "I/O Event handling is about
+ how your Operating System allows you to manage a large number of
+ open files (file descriptors in UNIX/POSIX, or FDs) in your
+ application. You want the OS to notify you when FDs become active
+ (have data ready to be read or are ready for writing). Ideally you
+ want a mechanism that is scalable. This means a large number of
+ inactive FDs cost very little in memory and CPU time to manage".
+ * Title: "The Kernel Hacking HOWTO"
+ Author: Various Talented People, and Rusty.
+ URL:
+ http://www.lisoleg.net/doc/Kernel-Hacking-HOWTO/kernel-hacking-HOW
+ TO.html
+ Keywords: HOWTO, kernel contexts, deadlock, locking, modules,
+ symbols, return conventions.
+ Description: From the Introduction: "Please understand that I
+ never wanted to write this document, being grossly underqualified,
+ but I always wanted to read it, and this was the only way. I
+ simply explain some best practices, and give reading entry-points
+ into the kernel sources. I avoid implementation details: that's
+ what the code is for, and I ignore whole tracts of useful
+ routines. This document assumes familiarity with C, and an
+ understanding of what the kernel is, and how it is used. It was
+ originally written for the 2.3 kernels, but nearly all of it
+ applies to 2.2 too; 2.0 is slightly different".
+ * Title: "ALSA 0.5.0 Developer documentation"
+ Author: Stephan 'Jumpy' Bartels .
+ URL: http://www.math.TU-Berlin.de/~sbartels/alsa/
+ Keywords: ALSA, sound, soundcard, driver, lowlevel, hardware.
+ Description: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture for developers,
+ both at kernel and user-level sides. Work in progress. ALSA is
+ supposed to be Linux's next generation sound architecture.
+ * Title: "Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers"
+ Author: Detlef Fliegl.
+ URL: http://usb.in.tum.de/usbdoc/
+ Keywords: USB, universal serial bus.
+ Description: A must-read. From the Preface: "This document should
+ give detailed information about the current state of the USB
+ subsystem and its API for USB device drivers. The first section
+ will deal with the basics of USB devices. You will learn about
+ different types of devices and their properties. Going into detail
+ you will see how USB devices communicate on the bus. The second
+ section gives an overview of the Linux USB subsystem [2] and the
+ device driver framework. Then the API and its data structures will
+ be explained step by step. The last section of this document
+ contains a reference of all API calls and their return codes".
+ Notes: Beware: the main page states: "This document may not be
+ published, printed or used in excerpts without explicit permission
+ of the author". Fortunately, it may still be read...
+ * Title: "Tour Of the Linux Kernel Source"
+ Author: Vijo Cherian.
+ URL: http://www.geocities.com/vijoc/tolks/tolks.html
+ Keywords: .
+ Description: A classic of this page! Was lost for a while and is
+ back again. Thanks Vijo! TOLKS: the name says it all. A tour of
+ the sources, describing directories, files, variables, data
+ structures... It covers general stuff, device drivers,
+ filesystems, IPC and Networking Code.
+ * Title: "Linux Kernel Mailing List Glossary"
+ Author: John Levon.
+ URL: http://www.movement.uklinux.net/glossary.html
+ Keywords: glossary, terms, linux-kernel.
+ Description: From the introduction: "This glossary is intended as
+ a brief description of some of the acronyms and terms you may hear
+ during discussion of the Linux kernel".
+ * Title: "Linux Kernel Locking HOWTO"
+ Author: Various Talented People, and Rusty.
+ URL:
+ http://netfilter.kernelnotes.org/unreliable-guides/kernel-locking-
+ HOWTO.html
+ Keywords: locks, locking, spinlock, semaphore, atomic, race
+ condition, bottom halves, tasklets, softirqs.
+ Description: The title says it all: document describing the
+ locking system in the Linux Kernel either in uniprocessor or SMP
+ systems.
+ Notes: "It was originally written for the later (>2.3.47) 2.3
+ kernels, but most of it applies to 2.2 too; 2.0 is slightly
+ different". Freely redistributable under the conditions of the GNU
+ General Public License.
+ * Title: "Porting Linux 2.0 Drivers To Linux 2.2: Changes and New
+ Features "
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-05/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: ports, porting.
+ Description: Article from Linux Magazine on porting from 2.0 to
+ 2.2 kernels.
+ * Title: "Porting Device Drivers To Linux 2.2: part II"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-06/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: ports, porting.
+ Description: Second part on porting from 2.0 to 2.2 kernels.
+ * Title: "How To Make Sure Your Driver Will Work On The Power
+ Macintosh"
+ Author: Paul Mackerras.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-07/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: Mac, Power Macintosh, porting, drivers, compatibility.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "An Introduction to SCSI Drivers"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-08/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: SCSI, device, driver.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "Advanced SCSI Drivers And Other Tales"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-09/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: SCSI, device, driver, advanced.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "Writing Linux Mouse Drivers"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-10/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: mouse, driver, gpm.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "More on Mouse Drivers"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-11/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: mouse, driver, gpm, races, asynchronous I/O.
+ Description: The title still says it all.
+ * Title: "Writing Video4linux Radio Driver"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-12/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: video4linux, driver, radio, radio devices.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "Video4linux Drivers, Part 1: Video-Capture Device"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/2000-01/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: video4linux, driver, video capture, capture devices,
+ camera driver.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "Video4linux Drivers, Part 2: Video-capture Devices"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/2000-02/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: video4linux, driver, video capture, capture devices,
+ camera driver, control, query capabilities, capability, facility.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "PCI Management in Linux 2.2"
+ Author: Alan Cox.
+ URL: http://www.linux-mag.com/2000-03/gear_01.html
+ Keywords: PCI, bus, bus-mastering.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ * Title: "Linux 2.4 Kernel Internals"
+ Author: Tigran Aivazian and Christoph Hellwig.
+ URL: http://www.moses.uklinux.net/patches/lki.html
+ Keywords: Linux, kernel, booting, SMB boot, VFS, page cache.
+ Description: A little book used for a short training course.
+ Covers building the kernel image, booting (including SMP bootup),
+ process management, VFS and more.
+ * Title: "Linux IP Networking. A Guide to the Implementation and
+ Modification of the Linux Protocol Stack."
+ Author: Glenn Herrin.
+ URL:
+ http://kernelnewbies.org/documents/ipnetworking/linuxipnetworking.
+ html
+ Keywords: network, networking, protocol, IP, UDP, TCP, connection,
+ socket, receiving, transmitting, forwarding, routing, packets,
+ modules, /proc, sk_buff, FIB, tags.
+ Description: Excellent paper devoted to the Linux IP Networking,
+ explaining anything from the kernel's to the user space
+ configuration tools' code. Very good to get a general overview of
+ the kernel networking implementation and understand all steps
+ packets follow from the time they are received at the network
+ device till they are delivered to applications. The studied kernel
+ code is from 2.2.14 version. Provides code for a working packet
+ dropper example.
+ * Title: "Get those boards talking under Linux."
+ Author: Alex Ivchenko.
+ URL: http://www.ednmag.com/ednmag/reg/2000/06222000/13df2.htm
+ Keywords: data-acquisition boards, drivers, modules, interrupts,
+ memory allocation.
+ Description: Article written for people wishing to make their data
+ acquisition boards work on their GNU/Linux machines. Gives a basic
+ overview on writing drivers, from the naming of functions to
+ interrupt handling.
+ Notes: Two-parts article. Part II is at
+ http://www.ednmag.com/ednmag/reg/2000/07062000/14df.htm
+ * Title: "Linux PCMCIA Programmer's Guide"
+ Author: David Hinds.
+ URL: http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ftp/doc/PCMCIA-PROG.html
+ Keywords: PCMCIA.
+ Description: "This document describes how to write kernel device
+ drivers for the Linux PCMCIA Card Services interface. It also
+ describes how to write user-mode utilities for communicating with
+ Card Services.
+ * Title: "The Linux Kernel NFSD Implementation"
+ Author: Neil Brown.
+ URL:
+ http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~neilb/oss/linux-commentary/nfsd.html
+ Keywords: knfsd, nfsd, NFS, RPC, lockd, mountd, statd.
+ Description: The title says it all.
+ Notes: Covers knfsd's version 1.4.7 (patch against 2.2.7 kernel).
+ * Title: "A Linux vm README"
+ Author: Kanoj Sarcar.
+ URL: http://reality.sgi.com/kanoj_engr/vm229.html
+ Keywords: virtual memory, mm, pgd, vma, page, page flags, page
+ cache, swap cache, kswapd.
+ Description: Telegraphic, short descriptions and definitions
+ relating the Linux virtual memory implementation.
+ * Title: "(nearly) Complete Linux Loadable Kernel Modules. The
+ definitive guide for hackers, virus coders and system
+ administrators."
+ Author: pragmatic/THC.
+ URL: http://packetstorm.securify.com/groups/thc/LKM_HACKING.html
+ Keywords: syscalls, intercept, hide, abuse, symbol table.
+ Description: Interesting paper on how to abuse the Linux kernel in
+ order to intercept and modify syscalls, make
+ files/directories/processes invisible, become root, hijack ttys,
+ write kernel modules based virus... and solutions for admins to
+ avoid all those abuses.
+ Notes: For 2.0.x kernels. Gives guidances to port it to 2.2.x
+ kernels. Also available in txt format at
+ http://www.blacknemesis.org/hacking/txt/cllkm.txt
+ BOOKS: (Not on-line)
+ * Title: "Linux Device Drivers"
+ Author: Alessandro Rubini.
+ Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates.
+ Date: 1998.
+ Pages: 439.
+ ISBN: 1-56592-292-1
+ * Title: "Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition"
+ Author: Alessandro Rubini and Jonathan Corbet.
+ Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates.
+ Date: 2001.
+ Pages: 586.
+ ISBN: 0-59600-008-1
+ Notes: Further information in
+ http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxdrive2/
+ * Title: "Linux Kernel Internals"
+ Author: Michael Beck.
+ Publisher: Addison-Wesley.
+ Date: 1997.
+ ISBN: 0-201-33143-8 (second edition)
+ * Title: "The Design of the UNIX Operating System"
+ Author: Maurice J. Bach.
+ Publisher: Prentice Hall.
+ Date: 1986.
+ Pages: 471.
+ ISBN: 0-13-201757-1
+ * Title: "The Design and Implementation of the 4.3 BSD UNIX
+ Operating System"
+ Author: Samuel J. Leffler, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Michael J.
+ Karels, John S. Quarterman.
+ Publisher: Addison-Wesley.
+ Date: 1989 (reprinted with corrections on October, 1990).
+ ISBN: 0-201-06196-1
+ * Title: "The Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD UNIX
+ Operating System"
+ Author: Marshall Kirk McKusick, Keith Bostic, Michael J. Karels,
+ John S. Quarterman.
+ Publisher: Addison-Wesley.
+ Date: 1996.
+ ISBN: 0-201-54979-4
+ * Title: "Programmation Linux 2.0 API systeme et fonctionnement du
+ noyau"
+ Author: Remy Card, Eric Dumas, Franck Mevel.
+ Publisher: Eyrolles.
+ Date: 1997.
+ Pages: 520.
+ ISBN: 2-212-08932-5
+ Notes: French.
+ * Title: "The Linux Kernel Book"
+ Author: Remy Card, Eric Dumas, Franck Mevel.
+ Publisher: John Wiley & Sons.
+ Date: 1998.
+ ISBN: 0-471-98141-9
+ Notes: English translation.
+ * Title: "Linux 2.0"
+ Author: Remy Card, Eric Dumas, Franck Mevel.
+ Publisher: Gestión 2000.
+ Date: 1997.
+ Pages: 501.
+ ISBN: 8-480-88208-5
+ Notes: Spanish translation.
+ * Title: "Unix internals -- the new frontiers"
+ Author: Uresh Vahalia.
+ Publisher: Prentice Hall.
+ Date: 1996.
+ Pages: 600.
+ ISBN: 0-13-101908-2
+ * Title: "Linux Core Kernel Commentary. Guide to Insider's Knowledge
+ on the Core Kernel of the Linux Code"
+ Author: Scott Maxwell.
+ Publisher: Coriolis.
+ Date: 1999.
+ Pages: 592.
+ ISBN: 1-57610-469-9
+ Notes: CD-ROM included. Line by line commentary of the kernel
+ code.
+ * Title: "Linux IP Stacks Commentary"
+ Author: Stephen Satchell and HBJ Clifford.
+ Publisher: Coriolis.
+ Date: 2000.
+ Pages: ???.
+ ISBN: 1-57610-470-2
+ Notes: Line by line source code commentary book.
+ * Title: "Programming for the real world - POSIX.4"
+ Author: Bill O. Gallmeister.
+ Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc..
+ Date: 1995.
+ Pages: ???.
+ ISBN: I-56592-074-0
+ Notes: Though not being directly about Linux, Linux aims to be
+ POSIX. Good reference.
+ * Title: "Understanding the Linux Kernel"
+ Author: Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati.
+ Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc..
+ Date: 2000.
+ Pages: 702.
+ ISBN: 0-596-00002-2
+ Notes: Further information in
+ http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxkernel/
+ * Name: linux/Documentation
+ Author: Many.
+ URL: Just look inside your kernel sources.
+ Keywords: anything, DocBook.
+ Description: Documentation that comes with the kernel sources,
+ inside the Documentation directory. Some pages from this document
+ (including this document itself) have been moved there, and might
+ be more up to date than the web version.
+ * Name: "Linux Source Driver"
+ URL: http://lsd.linux.cz
+ Keywords: Browsing source code.
+ Description: "Linux Source Driver (LSD) is an application, which
+ can make browsing source codes of Linux kernel easier than you can
+ imagine. You can select between multiple versions of kernel (e.g.
+ 0.01, 1.0.0, 2.0.33, 2.0.34pre13, 2.0.0, 2.1.101 etc.). With LSD
+ you can search Linux kernel (fulltext, macros, types, functions
+ and variables) and LSD can generate patches for you on the fly
+ (files, directories or kernel)".
+ * Name: "Linux Kernel Source Reference"
+ Author: Thomas Graichen.
+ URL: http://innominate.org/~graichen/projects/lksr/
+ Keywords: CVS, web, cvsweb, browsing source code.
+ Description: Web interface to a CVS server with the kernel
+ sources. "Here you can have a look at any file of the Linux kernel
+ sources of any version starting from 1.0 up to the (daily updated)
+ current version available. Also you can check the differences
+ between two versions of a file".
+ * Name: "Cross-Referencing Linux"
+ URL: http://lxr.linux.no/source/
+ Keywords: Browsing source code.
+ Description: Another web-based Linux kernel source code browser.
+ Lots of cross references to variables and functions. You can see
+ where they are defined and where they are used.
+ * Name: "Linux Weekly News"
+ URL: http://lwn.net
+ Keywords: latest kernel news.
+ Description: The title says it all. There's a fixed kernel section
+ summarizing developers' work, bug fixes, new features and versions
+ produced during the week. Published every Thursday.
+ * Name: "Kernel Traffic"
+ URL: http://www.kerneltraffic.org/kernel-traffic/
+ Keywords: linux-kernel mailing list, weekly kernel news.
+ Description: Weekly newsletter covering the most relevant
+ discussions of the linux-kernel mailing list.
+ * Name: "CuTTiNG.eDGe.LiNuX"
+ URL: http://edge.kernelnotes.org
+ Keywords: changelist.
+ Description: Site which provides the changelist for every kernel
+ release. What's new, what's better, what's changed. Myrdraal reads
+ the patches and describes them. Pointers to the patches are there,
+ too.
+ * Name: "New linux-kernel Mailing List FAQ"
+ URL: http://www.tux.org/lkml/
+ Keywords: linux-kernel mailing list FAQ.
+ Description: linux-kernel is a mailing list for developers to
+ communicate. This FAQ builds on the previous linux-kernel mailing
+ list FAQ maintained by Frohwalt Egerer, who no longer maintains
+ it. Read it to see how to join the mailing list. Dozens of
+ interesting questions regarding the list, Linux, developers (who
+ is ...?), terms (what is...?) are answered here too. Just read it.
+ * Name: "Linux Virtual File System"
+ Author: Peter J. Braam.
+ URL: http://www.coda.cs.cmu.edu/doc/talks/linuxvfs/
+ Keywords: slides, VFS, inode, superblock, dentry, dcache.
+ Description: Set of slides, presumably from a presentation on the
+ Linux VFS layer. Covers version 2.1.x, with dentries and the
+ dcache.
+ * Name: "Gary's Encyclopedia - The Linux Kernel"
+ Author: Gary (I suppose...).
+ URL: http://members.aa.net/~swear/pedia/kernel.html
+ Keywords: links, not found here?.
+ Description: Gary's Encyclopedia exists to allow the rapid finding
+ of documentation and other information of interest to GNU/Linux
+ users. It has about 4000 links to external pages in 150 major
+ categories. This link is for kernel-specific links, documents,
+ sites... Look there if you could not find here what you were
+ looking for.
+ * Name: "The home page of Linux-MM"
+ Author: The Linux-MM team.
+ URL: http://linux-mm.org/
+ Keywords: memory management, Linux-MM, mm patches, TODO, docs,
+ mailing list.
+ Description: Site devoted to Linux Memory Management development.
+ Memory related patches, HOWTOs, links, mm developers... Don't miss
+ it if you are interested in memory management development!
+ * Name: "Kernel Newbies IRC Channel"
+ URL: http://www.kernelnewbies.org
+ Keywords: IRC, newbies, channel, asking doubts.
+ Description: #kernelnewbies on irc.openprojects.net. From the web
+ page: "#kernelnewbies is an IRC network dedicated to the 'newbie'
+ kernel hacker. The audience mostly consists of people who are
+ learning about the kernel, working on kernel projects or
+ professional kernel hackers that want to help less seasoned kernel
+ people. [...] #kernelnewbies is on the Open Projects IRC Network,
+ try irc.openprojects.net or irc.<country>.openprojects.net as your
+ server and then /join #kernelnewbies". It also hosts articles,
+ documents, FAQs...
+ * Name: "linux-kernel mailing list archives and search engines"
+ URL: http://www.uwsg.indiana.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/index.html
+ URL: http://www.kernelnotes.org/lnxlists/linux-kernel/
+ URL: http://www.geocrawler.com
+ Keywords: linux-kernel, archives, search.
+ Description: Some of the linux-kernel mailing list archivers. If
+ you have a better/another one, please let me know.
+ _________________________________________________________________
+ Document last updated on Thu Jun 28 15:09:39 CEST 2001

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