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* Name: "Gary's Encyclopedia - The Linux Kernel"
Author: Gary (I suppose...).
- URL: http://www.lisoleg.net/cgi-bin/lisoleg.pl?view=kernel.htm
- Keywords: links, not found here?.
+ URL: http://slencyclopedia.berlios.de/index.html
+ Keywords: linux, community, everything!
Description: Gary's Encyclopedia exists to allow the rapid finding
of documentation and other information of interest to GNU/Linux
users. It has about 4000 links to external pages in 150 major
categories. This link is for kernel-specific links, documents,
- sites... Look there if you could not find here what you were
- looking for.
+ sites... This list is now hosted by developer.Berlios.de,
+ but seems not to have been updated since sometime in 1999.
* Name: "The home page of Linux-MM"
Author: The Linux-MM team.

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