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+Kernel driver nouveau
+Supported chips:
+* NV43+
+Authors: Martin Peres (mupuf) <martin.peres@labri.fr>
+This driver allows to read the GPU core temperature, drive the GPU fan and
+set temperature alarms.
+Currently, due to the absence of in-kernel API to access HWMON drivers, Nouveau
+cannot access any of the i2c external monitoring chips it may find. If you
+have one of those, temperature and/or fan management through Nouveau's HWMON
+interface is likely not to work. This document may then not cover your situation
+Temperature management
+Temperature is exposed under as a read-only HWMON attribute temp1_input.
+In order to protect the GPU from overheating, Nouveau supports 4 configurable
+temperature thresholds:
+ * Fan_boost: Fan speed is set to 100% when reaching this temperature;
+ * Downclock: The GPU will be downclocked to reduce its power dissipation;
+ * Critical: The GPU is put on hold to further lower power dissipation;
+ * Shutdown: Shut the computer down to protect your GPU.
+WARNING: Some of these thresholds may not be used by Nouveau depending
+on your chipset.
+The default value for these thresholds comes from the GPU's vbios. These
+thresholds can be configured thanks to the following HWMON attributes:
+ * Fan_boost: temp1_auto_point1_temp and temp1_auto_point1_temp_hyst;
+ * Downclock: temp1_max and temp1_max_hyst;
+ * Critical: temp1_crit and temp1_crit_hyst;
+ * Shutdown: temp1_emergency and temp1_emergency_hyst.
+NOTE: Remember that the values are stored as milli degrees Celcius. Don't forget
+to multiply!
+Fan management
+Not all cards have a drivable fan. If you do, then the following HWMON
+attributes should be available:
+ * pwm1_enable: Current fan management mode (NONE, MANUAL or AUTO);
+ * pwm1: Current PWM value (power percentage);
+ * pwm1_min: The minimum PWM speed allowed;
+ * pwm1_max: The maximum PWM speed allowed (bypassed when hitting Fan_boost);
+You may also have the following attribute:
+ * fan0_input: Speed in RPM of your fan.
+Your fan can be driven in different modes:
+ * 0: The fan is left untouched;
+ * 1: The fan can be driven in manual (use pwm1 to change the speed);
+ * 2; The fan is driven automatically depending on the temperature.
+NOTE: Be sure to use the manual mode if you want to drive the fan speed manually
+NOTE2: Not all fan management modes may be supported on all chipsets. We are
+working on it.
+Bug reports
+Thermal management on Nouveau is new and may not work on all cards. If you have
+inquiries, please ping mupuf on IRC (#nouveau, freenode).
+Bug reports should be filled on Freedesktop's bug tracker. Please follow

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