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authorPaul Jackson <pj@sgi.com>2008-06-25 05:44:46 -0700
committerIngo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu>2008-07-08 13:10:41 +0200
commit200001eb140ea33477965f2050bea0dac801974b (patch)
tree00dfe5cebbf6bf26ff8dbdff03b3ae1e59234bf9 /Documentation/x86/x86_64
parent5dab8ec139be215fbaba216fb4aea914d0f4dac5 (diff)
x86 boot: only pick up additional EFI memmap if add_efi_memmap flag
Applies on top of the previous patch: x86 boot: add code to add BIOS provided EFI memory entries to kernel Instead of always adding EFI memory map entries (if present) to the memory map after initially finding either E820 BIOS memory map entries and/or kernel command line memmap entries, -instead- only add such additional EFI memory map entries if the kernel boot option: add_efi_memmap is specified. Requiring this 'add_efi_memmap' option is backward compatible with kernels that didn't load such additional EFI memory map entries in the first place, and it doesn't override a configuration that tries to replace all E820 or EFI BIOS memory map entries with ones given entirely on the kernel command line. Signed-off-by: Paul Jackson <pj@sgi.com> Cc: "Yinghai Lu" <yhlu.kernel@gmail.com> Cc: "Jack Steiner" <steiner@sgi.com> Cc: "Mike Travis" <travis@sgi.com> Cc: "Huang Cc: Ying" <ying.huang@intel.com> Cc: "Andi Kleen" <andi@firstfloor.org> Cc: "Andrew Morton" <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Cc: Paul Jackson <pj@sgi.com> Signed-off-by: Ingo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu>
Diffstat (limited to 'Documentation/x86/x86_64')
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/Documentation/x86/x86_64/uefi.txt b/Documentation/x86/x86_64/uefi.txt
index 7d77120a5184..a5e2b4fdb170 100644
--- a/Documentation/x86/x86_64/uefi.txt
+++ b/Documentation/x86/x86_64/uefi.txt
@@ -36,3 +36,7 @@ Mechanics:
noefi turn off all EFI runtime services
reboot_type=k turn off EFI reboot runtime service
+- If the EFI memory map has additional entries not in the E820 map,
+ you can include those entries in the kernels memory map of available
+ physical RAM by using the following kernel command line parameter.
+ add_efi_memmap include EFI memory map of available physical RAM

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